Erin Napier Revealed Mystery Illness: Health Update.

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Erin Napier Revealed Mystery Illness

Erin Napier is a television personality who is featured on HGTV’s Hometown. Additionally, she is also the author behind the book ‘Make Something Good Today.’ She worked on this alongside her husband, Ben Napier. This is not the only time the Napiers would partner up.

They have hosted the same show on HGTV for the past five seasons now. A look at their history shows that they first met back in college.

At the time, Erin was just a budding graphic designer. Recently, there have been murmurs that Erin had to deal with a mystery illness. Here’s what we know regarding his health.

Erin Napier Revealed Mystery Illness

Before she turned 20, Erin had to contend with a serious case of stomach aches. Such was her pain and discomfort that she wouldn’t be able to leave her house for several days on end. This was worrying because Erin thought that she’d never been able to have children. Consequently, she went to see a variety of different doctors.

None of them were able to tell her what was causing her pain. In 2014, a specialist recommended exploratory surgery to deal with the problem. During the surgery, her doctors found that she had a perforated appendix.

This meant that the organ had been continuously rupturing for years. Each time her appendix burst, it would gradually heal, then enclose the surrounding organs in scar tissue. Though the surgery was successful, Erin’s doctors told her that she was looking at a hard route to recovery.

Additionally, they couldn’t assure her that the damaged scar tissue wouldn’t result in impotency. In an interview, Erin Napier talked about how her illness had affected her over the years. It left her with an immense feeling of sadness, which stayed with her for quite some time.

Health Update.

In 2017, three years after her exploratory operation, Erin was shocked to learn that she was expecting a baby. Naturally, she was nervous about the pregnancy because of her previous condition. Fortunately, her daughter Helen was born in 2018 without any complications.

Erin Napier with her husband and baby girl

Erin Napier with her husband, Ben, and baby girl, Helen

In September 2021, Erin and her husband learned that they were expecting a second child in May 2022. At the time, the two were filming their new HGTV series, Hometown Takeover. Because she is in excellent health now, she is more relaxed about her 2nd pregnancy.

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