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Eva Pilgrim Wikipedia: Her Husband, Age, Parents, Salary, Bio, and Facts

Driven with passion, Eva Pilgrim has reached the pinnacle of anchoring and news reporting. Having shared the stage with renowned journalists and celebrities, Eva may be best known as the co-anchor of Good Morning America.

Eva Pilgrim is a highly reputed journalist who is always active in finding the truth behind mysteries. Pilgrim’s reputation is admirable among her colleagues or in the business and among her followers. Binge news-watchers love to see Eva’s smoothness in reporting the news.

But professional life is not the only thing Eva is good at. Eva is a happily married woman who shares a great house with her husband and children.

Eva Pilgrim Wikipedia-Bio

We know that the professional journalist is an active co-host of the American show Good Morning America and ABC News. Not only that, but Eva is also the correspondent of numerous news channels. After demystifying stories behind interesting cases for many stations at present and in the past, Eva has successfully established her life.


As expected from a prominent figure in the news industry, Eva has achieved high standards of education. Firstly, Eva attended the University of Florida, where she excelled at grades and participated in debates competition.

Recognizing the talent in debating helped Eva realize her potential in communication. Hence, after earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, Eva attended the University of South Carolina in 2004 to graduate with a master’s degree in journalism and mass communications.

As a famous alumnus from the University of South Carolina, Eva also won the Distinguished Alumni Award from the university.


At present, we can see that Eva’s career has risen very high. However, the veteran newscaster has also been through tough times but brushed away the difficulty with ease. Before working for ABC News, Eva worked for six different news stations.

Eva’s first step in the industry came as a web producer at WIS-TV in 2002, where she worked for two years. In 2004, Eva did her first-ever live anchoring job at WVVA from 2004 to 2006. Following WVVA, Eva was in Charlotte working at a Fox TV station. There, Eva had a blast as she went to cover one of her famous stories of a cab driver. Some may even say that Eva started seeing the limelight from here on out.

Image of Journalist Eva Pilgrim
Good Morning America and ABC News host, Eva Pilgrim.

Eva’s career finally got recognition from her anchoring at WPVI in 2015. Similarly, it was the same year when Eva became the official reporter of ABC news.

Some of her famous works include debunking scammed military members, the Sago Mine disaster, and many more.

Married Life and Wedding with Her husband, Ed Hartigan

As of 2021, it is a well-known fact that Eva is in a marital relationship with her husband, Ed Hartigan. Unlike Eva, Hartigan is not famous to the outer world. Similarly, his fame came only after marrying ever so prominent journalist Eva Pilgrim. Nonetheless, it has come to light that Ed is now working in digital marketing and online advertising company.

Eva Pilgrim with her husband
Good Morning America and ABC News host, Eva Pilgrim with her husband Ed Hartigan.

But seeing Eva with Ed came as a shock to the fans who have been following Eva’s life for years. This was because Eva was dating a singer named Clayton Anderson in the past. Not only that but Eva and Clayton had a long relationship but later split for unknown reasons.

Ed Hartigan Wiki

Since Ed lives an everyday life and is not famous, he has a low profile status. However, we do know that Ed is a native British born in London, UK. Furthermore, Ed’s origin is half Irish and half British. Ed spent most of his time in London, but now he lives in the U.S. with Eva. As for Ed’s age, the exact birth date is a secret but does appear to be in the mid-30s.

Ed Hartigan also makes lots of appearances on his wife’s social media handles.

First Meeting

The now Hartigan couple first met through a familiar friend’s wedding ceremony in Miami in early 2019. While Ed and Eva only chatted briefly, things started heating up when the ABC journalist went on a mission to London, U.K., where Ed used to live.

Not much information is disclosed as of late, but we know about Ed and Eva’s wedding. It turns out that Eva and Ed have a new married life as they only recently tied the knot in early 2021.

Although Eva wedded Ed in 2021, they wanted their wedding ceremony to happen a lot sooner. But due to various complications, things didn’t go the Ed-Eva way.

Media outlets claim that Ed and Eva wished to marry in November of 2019. But at the time, Eva was still caught up with a busy schedule during ABC News’ campaign. They then went on to decide to marry after Eva is done with her program.

Furthermore, we know that Ed’s ethnicity of origin is Irish. Hence, Ed had plans to marry his wife on the beautiful coast of Ireland. But then again, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic spoiled the dream again.

Married Life

As things didn’t go according to their plans, the Hartigan couple had a wedding ceremony at the New York City Hall. The wedding venue of Eva and Ed had fewer people, including close families and friends.

Originally, Ed and Eva lived together in Brooklyn, where Eva was working, whereas Ed worked in the state’s digital marketing company, so he had no problem living there.

Nonetheless, the couple is now living together in New York City, U.S., with their family dog. After two days of their wedding, Ed and Eva adopted a pitbull pup named Walter, nicknamed Wally.


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But on the 4th of July 2021, Eva announced that she and Ed are expecting their first daughter in an Instagram post.

How Old is Eva Pilgrim? Birthdate, Height, and Body Measurements

Since Eva Pilgrim was born on the 31st of August 1982, the famous journalist is 39 years old as of 2021. But Eva carries the height of a typical Asian person as she stands tall at 5 feet 5 inches. Likewise, Eva weighs about 121 pounds.

As for Eva’s body measurements, she has a curvy figure with chest, waist, and hips measurements of 34, 28, and 40 inches, respectively.

Who are Eva Pilgrim Parents? Meet Her Father and Family

Eva Pilgrim is an Asian born in Seoul of South Korea. Born with two siblings, including a brother and a sister, Eva inherits her heritage as a Korean and American. Additionally, Eva is half Korean from her mother and half American from her father. However, the names of Eva’s parents and siblings are not available.

ABC News’s Eva Pilgrim has an exciting background story regarding her family. Eva revealed that her grandmother got separated from her family before the Korean War took place in 1950. As a result, Eva could never see her grandma as she fled to North Korea.

As a native of North Korea, Eva’s grandma could not connect to her family. However, Eva would try to send letters and some money to North Korea but to no avail.

There was also a rare picture of Eva’s last shot of her sitting on her grandmother’s lap before the war. Eva’s mother and father then moved to the United States and finally settled in South Carolina.

To this date, Eva’s mother resents the war for separating her family and revealed that the Trump and Kim summit of 2018 would not solve the ongoing conflicts.

Eva Pilgrim Net Worth and Salary

Despite having a successful career as a correspondent of ABC News, Eva Pilgrim lives her life modest. Similarly, after years of reporting news and covering stories, Eva must’ve collected a large amount of fortune. As of early 2021, Eva’s estimated net worth is about $714k.

Though Eva never revealed her salary, a typical reporter of her quality makes $61,829 a year.

Social Media Activities

Though Eva may call herself an introvert, she is a celebrity online. We can find her on Instagram with over 55k Instagram followers, 23.5k followers on Twitter, and 41k followers on Facebook. Her activity is mostly online every week, but her Facebook account is not used for a while.

Regardless, Eva uses her online profiles to boost her career by posting news and stories she covers. Whereas in Instagram, Eva primarily connects more to her followers by sharing her life events. Furthermore, Eva also publishes different fitness benefits on Instagram. Her fans are given a closer look at how the 39-year-old veteran journalist still looks astonishing.

Professional journalist, Eva Pilgrim