Fixer to fabulous host Dave and Jenny Marrs Lawsuit details and updates

Dave and Jenny Marrs are a celeb couple who are also renowned hosts of HGTV. The couple feature on ‘Fixer to Fabulous‘, where they transform mediocre houses to dream homes. They are primarily popular for their amazing chemistry and complete dedication to their work. The end result of every house project they take comes out as unbelievable work. Recently, some controversy surrounded the duo as someone filed a lawsuit against them in 2021.

In this piece, we provide updated details on the lawsuit of Dave and Jenny Marrs.

Dave and Jenny Marrs Lawsuit details and updates

In 2018, Marrs Construction Inc. (Dave and Jenny) signed a contract with Plaintiffs Dana and Tyler Craddock. Their main accusation is that the Marrs duo assumed the contractor rights of their property without a license. The Construction inc. only obtained the license in 2019.

Dave and Jenny Marrs Lawsuit details and updates
Dave and Jenny Marrs

In addition, the victims point out that there are many defects in the construction work done by the team. Even after waiting for years, Marrs Construction Inc. is still yet to repair those defects.

They further accuse that Dave and Jenny also remodeled many other homes we see in the show Fixer to Fabulous without a contractor’s license.

Thus, during all the time of waiting and approaching the Marrs for remedying the defective work, Plaintiffs Dana and Tyler Craddock have suffered financial and psychological damage. Thus, they are asking for compensation of at least $75k.

Moreover, the accusation further continues that the construction was done with sub-standard materials. They also left home without finalizing it, with many damages still prevailing. You can find the pdf file of the lawsuit filed by the victim from this link.

Dave and Jenny Marrs contract with Plaintiffs Dana and Tyler Craddock

Dave and Jenny are yet to speak publicly on the matter. In addition, there is also no news regarding them filming a new season of the show.

Throughout their journey, they have successfully remodeled 300 plus homes. Many are speculating that the lawsuit may have put a stop to their journey overall. The duo has a joint Instagram account with 84.7k followers as of 2022.

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