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Forrie J. Smith Wikipedia, Age and Bio-Facts

Forrie J Smith is an expert horseman who is also a stuntman in Hollywood movies. His expertise as a cowboy has earned him many roles in films that involved stunts involving horses. Forrie became renowned for his portrayal of Lloyd Pierce on the hit series Yellowstone that airs on the Paramount Network.

Yellowstone Cast Forrie J. Smith Wikipedia

Forrie J. Smith was born in Helena, Montana and his birth year is 1959. He grew up on a ranch owned by his grandfather.

As a young child, he was trained to do various chores around the ranch. His family also loved the rodeo, and he was eight years old when he joined his first rodeo competition. His parents were also expert horse riders. Smith’s father retired when he was already 52 years old.


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Forrie has no plans yet of retiring from his life as a cowboy. He sees it as a lifetime career that he has no plans of retiring from.

Forrie discovered his love for stunts when he fell off a horse when he was six years old. He started his career as a bit actor and stuntman in Hollywood in the 80s. The remake of the movie Stagecoach was Forrie’s first movie project. It starred the great Willie Nelson. He got the role because he was the only one who managed to rope a guy on the roof.

Later on, he got another stuntman role in the TV movie Desperado. Through the years, Forrie honed his skills in stunts and acting. He took acting lessons from Lawrence Parks, where he learned to analyze the script and his playing character.

Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd Pierce on Yellowstone

The seasoned stuntman and cowboy plays the role of Lloyd Pierce on the series Yellowstone. His character is the senior ranch hand on the ranch where the series was named after. Pierce works for John Dutton, the character portrayed by Kevin Costner. He is Dutton’s longest-serving and most loyal employee on the ranch. Forrie’s character debuted on the series in season 1 but only as a guest star.

Wife and Son Forrest Smith

Forrie is a married man, but the name or other details about his wife have not been revealed. His son Forrest Smith is the only known member of his family. This is because his son played the younger version of Forrie’s character on Yellowstone. Forrest Smith appeared on the third season of the series Yellowstone.

Forrie J. with his son, Forrest Smith
Forrie J. with his son, Forrest Smith.

Forrie J. Smith Net Worth

The net worth of Forrie J. Smith is $1.5 million as of 2021. He earns a salary of a little over $400,000 from his work as an actor. His salary and net worth have increased through the years as his television series gained popularity.

Social Media Activities

Forrie has an Instagram account named @forriejsmithcowboy, where he posts personal photos. Most of his pictures are of his family, trips, and several random pictures of his daily life. There are also photos from his movie and television projects. His Facebook account also features more of his personal photographs. There are many pictures of him with his rodeo friends. Forrie also posts throwback photos of his rodeo days.

Image of Yellow Stone Tv actor, Forrie J Smith