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Frankie Valli Children: Francesco Valli, Brando Valli, Emilio Valli, Antonia Valli.

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Frankie Valli is an 87-year-old musician who is remembered for his time on Four Seasons. The band was first formed in the 60s, releasing tracks like Sherry, Rag Doll, and Walk Like a Man. After three decades in the music industry, Frankie’s band earned a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Besides music, Valli also worked on television series like Miami Vice.

Switching to his personal life, we learned that Frankie had had three different wives. As such, he has had several children in the process. They are: Francesco, Brando, Emilio and Antonia Valli. Here is a look at their biography.

Frankie Valli has 4 Children now.

In total, Frankie Valli had three sons and three girls. Unfortunately, two of his daughters passed away several years back. Presently, he has four children: Antonia, Francesco, Brando, and Emilio Valli.

His Two Daughters Francine and Celia Valli, Died Tragically.

After marrying his first wife, Mary, Frankie became the stepfather of a 2-year-old girl named Cecilia. Later on, Valli and Mary would also have another daughter, Francine. Back in 1980, Cecilia was pronounced dead outside her New York apartment. The police ruled her death an accident. They determined that Francine had unintentionally locked herself out of her house.

Frankie Valli with his late daughter, Celia Valli
Celia Valli

To get back in, she tried to climb through the fire escape. Unfortunately, she slipped, falling from the steps, and onto the ground. She was pronounced dead on the scene. Less than a year after this tragic incident, Frankie and his family received some more bad news. Francine died after an accidental drug overdose. Her toxicology report showed that she had taken a combination of alcohol and a drug known as Quaalude. Reports say that she was only 20 when this happened.

Francine Valli, Late daughter of Frankie Valli
Francine Valli

Francesco Valli.

Francesco is the son of Frankie and his third spouse, Randy Clohessy. Like his father, Francesco explored a career in television. He first appeared in the mid-80s sitcom Full House. Other than that, he was also featured in the 2014 film, The Collection. This was a film that gave Francesco the chance to work with actors like Sylvester Stallone.

Francesco Valli, son of Frankie Valli
Francesco Valli

Brando Valli

Brando was also born during his father’s third marriage. He grew up listening to his father’s band perform. This inspired him to become a musician. Brando took up the stage name SNSE and spent more than a decade developing a music album. Most recently, he even collaborated with his father, Frankie, to release the hit single ‘Goodbyes.’

Frankie Valli with his twins sons, Brando and Emilio
Frankie Valli with his twin’s sons, Brando and Emilio

Emilio Valli

Emilio is a realtor who mainly operates around Malibu, an area he grew up in as well. Because his father was a famous musician, Emilio grew up with access to some of Hollywood’s elites. After attaining his real estate license, Emilio partnered with Coldwell Bankers in order to sell homes in the area.

Antonia Valli.

Antonia is the daughter of Frankie and his former spouse, Mary. She was born and raised in New York City, where she grew up alongside her sister Francine. The two were very close, which explains why Antonia was severely affected by her sister’s death.

Antonia Valli, Daughter of Frankie Valli
Antonia Valli
Facts about Frankie Valli Children