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Frankie Valli Third Wife Randy Clohessy Love Life and Divorce.

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Frankie Valli is one of the most decorated musicians in American history. Since he and his band broke into the scene, they have released several hit tracks. These range from songs like My Eyes Adored You to Save It For Me.

As is the case with most performers, Frankie also took his talents to Hollywood. Just a few years back, he worked on AMC’s The Making of the Mob: New York. We’ll switch our attention to Valli’s third wife, Randy Clohessy. Explore several key facts about her biography and marriage.

Who is Randy Clohessy?

Randy Clohessy was born back in 1960 in America. This suggests that she turns 61-years old, which makes her 26-years younger than her ex-husband. Moreover, Clohessy is an American woman. Not much else is available on her personal biography as she is a private woman.

She found herself in the limelight throughout her marriage to Frankie. After their divorce, she essentially fell out of the spotlight. Because of this, there were even rumors that she had died. However, we can confirm that Randy Clohessy is still alive.

Her Relationship with his Third wife, Frankie Valli.

Randy and Frankie first started seeing each other back in 1982. At the time, Valli was at the height of his popularity, making waves as the lead vocalist for Four Seasons. He was in his 50s, though his fame and popularity still made him an attractive proposition to a younger woman.

This explains why 22-year-old Randy said yes when Frankie asked her out. They dated for two years before Frankie decided to make her his third wife. The wedding ceremony was held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, New York, in 1984.

It was a beautiful ceremony, witnessed by over a hundred guests in attendance. In their 20-year marriage, Frankie and Randy had three children. Their first-born child, Francesco, has blossomed into a successful television actor.

He is credited with appearing on shows like Full House. Seven years after the birth of their first son, Randy gave birth to twins. These are sons Brando and Emilio. Besides giving birth to three kids, Randy also became a stepmom to the rest of Frankie’s children.

Frankie Valli with his three sons
Frankie Valli with his three sons

She grew close to all of them and was even affected by the deaths of her two stepchildren. Randy consoled her husband after the accidental death of Celia. She was also there a few months later when Francine overdosed on drugs.

Their divorce

By the early 2000s, married life had begun to take its toll on both Frankie and Randy. For the sake of their children, the two tried to work things out. However, by 2004, they had reached a point of no return. They filed for divorce, separating soon after. In the court documents, the court listed irreconcilable differences as the cause of their divorce.

What this suggests is that there were several issues the two did not see eye to eye on. At the top of the list was Frankie’s dedication to his craft. What this meant was that his family often came second. Being a rock and roll artist, Frankie was also exposed to a world of female groupies. Some outlets went as far as to suggest that he might have strayed with one or two of them. This was never proven, however. One thing is for sure, Frankie’s love for music directly hindered his private life.

We should also mention that Frankie and Randy’s divorce wasn’t exactly what you’d describe as easy. An issue regarding Valli’s life insurance policy, which was purchased a year earlier, came up. Randy wanted a portion of the proceeds, while Frankie argued that the policy was private.

Randy Clohessy with her Ex-husband, Frankie Valli
Randy Clohessy with her Ex-husband, Frankie Valli

The issue made it all the way to the Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of Randy. This means that she is now entitled to a fortune should the policy ever kick in.

Aside from that, Clohessy additionally received their $4.3 million estates located in Encino, California. The house covers about 6,700 square feet. Other than that, it comes equipped with a lavish kitchen, a pool, six large bedrooms, a spa area, and eight bathrooms.

Frankie Valli Third Wife Randy Clohessy Love Life