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Frankie Valli Second Wife MaryAnn Hannigan’s Love life and Divorce.

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Francesco Stephen Castelluccio (Frankie Valli) is one of the pioneers of the Four Seasons. This is a four-man group that took off in the 60s, especially as they released tracks like Big Girls Don’t Cry. With Frankie’s commanding vocals, it came as little surprise when the band was inducted into the music hall of fame.

Valli was born on the 3rd of May 1934 in Newark. At the start of the year, he turned 87. Today, we’ll dive back into Frankie’s history and explore his relationship with his second spouse, MaryAnn Hannigan.

Who is MaryAnn Hannigan?

MaryAnn Hannigan is a former model and celebrity wife. She was particularly active back in the 60s and early 70s.  Being an attractive blonde model, MaryAnn found work with numerous publications and runways. As a popular model, she also had access to galas and other major events littered with celebrities.

Once she met Frankie, she gradually transitioned into a celebrity wife. Because of her connection to the Four Seasons, MaryAnn found herself brushing shoulders with the one percent. There isn’t too much to go on when exploring the early parts of her life. Judging from her pictures, she looks to be in her 80s.

Her relationship with Frankie Valli?

MaryAnn and Frankie first met in 1972. This was about a year after Valli finalized his divorce to his first spouse. While there isn’t much to go on regarding their first meeting, we can guess that it was probably at a gala. At the time, Hannigan was making a name for herself as a model. Frankie, on the other hand, had already spent a decade as a rising musician.

MaryAnn Hannigan with her Ex-husband, Frankie Valli
Former Model MaryAnn Hannigan with her Ex-husband, Frankie Valli

After the 2-year mark, Hannigan and Frankie were walking down the aisle. One surprising thing about their relationship is that they never had kids. Instead, MaryAnn became a stepmom to Frankie’s daughters.

By all accounts, both were focused on their own careers, which explains why they didn’t have children of their own. Despite this, the two seemed like the perfect couple. They stayed together for nine years in total.

Their Divorce

In 1982, fans were stunned after they learned that Valli and his second wife were getting a divorce. When questioned about it, Frankie pointed the finger at his taxing career once more. He is not shy about the fact that he considers music as the most important thing in his life.

Frankie Valli Second Wife, MaryAnn Hannigan