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Helen Storey Model Wikipedia, Age: of Lee Westwood’s Wife-to-be Fiance.

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Helen Storey is a well-known English artist and designer based in London who works in a variety of mediums. She is a Professor of Fashion Science at the University of the Arts in London, where she also lectures.

In addition, the designer also became well-known in the media after marrying Lee Westwood, the world’s top-ranked golfer in the United Kingdom. Let’s know more about this model’s age and personal details in this Wikipedia-type biography.

Helen Storey Age

Helen was born on the 31st of October, 1977, and was welcomed together with her sister into the world by her parents. The model is currently forty-four years of age.

Moreover, she grew up in the modest town of Jesmond, in the English city of Newcastle. Despite the fact that the information about her parents does not reach the public media. Her sister’s marriage to Graham Wylie revealed her identity to the media.

Is Helen Storey a Model?

Helen decided to shut her business and began writing an autobiography titled Fighting Fashion. Her own experiences as she progressed through her career in the Fashion Industry are detailed in the book. Aside from being well-known as a designer and an artist, she is also well-known in the social media world for her work as a fitness advisor. Her workout regimens, as well as a day in her life, maybe found on her Instagram account.

In addition, she worked as a personal trainer at the Speed-Flex fitness center in the prosperous city of Jesmond. Furthermore, she established herself as a Social Editor for the LaDiDa magazine, where she continues to work now. Finally, Helen served her boyfriend, Lee Westwood, in recognition of his almost two-decade service as a caddie.

Image of Lee Westwood girlfriend, Helen Storey
Helen Storey

Helen Storey Wikipedia 

From an early age, Helen spent her time learning in the Hampstead Comprehensive school. Soon after she graduated from Kingston Polytechnic in 1981. Following graduation, she began working as a design assistant for Valentino Clemente, who had a famous name in the industry at that time.

In the years 1984 up to 1997, the model made her resolution and climbed her way up to the Fashion Industry. Soon after that, in the year 1990, she received the award of Most Innovative Designer and Best Design Exporter. Moreover, she appears twice as she was nominated for British designer of the year in 1990 and 1991. In the following year, she made the dress of the known British singer, Frances Ruffelle. The gown was donned throughout the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest performance.

In the year 1997 together with her sister, they made a science-art collaboration called, Primitive Streak. The said project has a collection of twenty-seven dresses, eleven key embryonic moments which talk about the evolution of the first 1000 hours of human life.

After a few months of working the Primitive Streak approved its appearance at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. Following the completion of the Primitive Streak, Helen, with the assistance of Caroline Coates, established the Helen Storey Foundation. The said collaboration is registered as a non-profit foundation whose sole purpose is to inspire and assist the development of new ideas and imagination. After several years, Helen chose to shut the foundation in 2019, but it will continue to function as a storage facility for works of art. 

Helen Storey is Lee Westwood’s Wife-To-Be 

Storey and Lee Westwood started dating after Lee and his wife ended their 16 years relationship. Helen stayed by Westwood’s side as a caddie following his divorce in 2015. Though the golfer said that her understanding of the game is minimal, her presence encourages him in golfing.

However, there is little information regarding the duo’s private life after that. Westwood’s Instagram post discusses her engagement, which she captioned with a ring emoji. Moreover, the photo was then uploaded in the second month of 2019.

Finally, on June 12, 2021, Lee and his fiance tied the knot which was made public through Helen’s Instagram post.

Helen Storey and her boyfriend, Lee Westwood
Helen Storey and Lee Westwood

Helen Storey Awards and Honors

In her early years as a teacher, she received an award for Visiting Professor in the University of the Arts (1998). Soon after, she received a Fellow award at the Royal Society of the Arts in the year 1999. In the second month of 2020, Lee’s wife received an award of Research fellow sent by the University of Arts.

Furthermore, in 2001 Lee’s wife achieved the Honorary Professorship in Heriot Watt university. After two years, the King’s College of London awarded her the same Honorary Professorship in the year 2003. Achieving the same awards as before in the year 2012 onwards. She then received her last award of Honorary Fellowship Arts in the University of Bournemouth in 2014.

Lee Westwood’s Wife to be and Fiance, Helen Storey