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Hillary Klug age, Wikipedia, Biography.

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Hillary Klug is an American fiddler and dancer. She became famous after posting a dummy video on Facebook that went viral. The iPhone unprofessional of her playing ‘Le Detit Chat Gris’ got over nine million views on Facebook. Her reception on social media has had a significant boost on her fame. She has a video with over 60 million views on Facebook.

Hillary Klug Wikipedia.

Hillary Klug started clogging at the age of eight without knowing what a fiddler was. She was homeschooled together with her two siblings. It was until she was 13 when a friend took her violin class that she came to know about fiddler. She received her first violin from her mother with a promise that she would learn to play it. It was a tough journey, filled with failures and disappointments until she met her mentor Jim Wood who has been an inspiration in her career.

She moved to Nashville to perform in a concert without knowing what was lying ahead of her. She released that she could not afford to keep up the life in the city. She could not even pay for parking. She took to the street and did what she does best.

Sheer struggled to get attention without absolute knowledge of how to attract the crowd on the Broadway streets. Then she realized that people loved fiddling and dancing combined, two things she was so good at. That one night even turned her life around. She became known for fiddling, dancing and singing on the street.

Image of American fiddler, Hillary Klug
Caption: American fiddler, Hillary Klug

Hillary Klug made her first international debut when she performed in London in January 2019 and played for Nashville Symphony in Schermerhorn in February. Klug was also featured in the movie Wild Rose where she dances and fiddles.

She also did the soundtrack of the same film. She made four Europe tours in 2019, where she did a solo performance, holding lecture workshops and orchestra training. Her current focus is content creation since she has an excellent online platform. She is currently endorsing for three companies, string, fiddle, and bow companies.

Hillary Klug Age and birthdate.

There are no details of Klug’s date of birth or her current age. She does not even have a wiki page. Her fame is set to rise, and more will be exposed. Be sure to find the fine details about her right here.

Hillary Klug Net worth.

With the many endorsements, she is doing, coupled with performance, we believe Hillary Klung’s Net Worth is $1 million.

One income source for Hillary Klung’s net worth is her youtube channel that has 77,000 subscribers and over 12 million views as of writing this article. Earning only from Klung’s channel sums up to at least $100,000. But that’s the only one among many income sources.

Image of Musical artist, Hillary Klug net worth
Caption: Musical artist, Hillary Klug net worth

Her Facebook videos have millions of page views altogether. So, according to our math, Hillary Kung has earned at least $500,000 only from her social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and youtube.

Husband and married life.

Klug is a married woman. Her husband’s name and the details of their marriage, wedding, dating, and meeting are unknown. Klug has been living in Nashville for more than a year now, where we believe she is staying with her husband.

Wikipedia Info.

Hillary was born and raised in Tennessee. Klug grew up in a family of three siblings. There are no details about the parents or siblings’ names, but she was brought up in a humble background in a Christian family. She spent eighteen years in Fayetteville, Tennessee, and seven years in Lynchburg in Virginia.

Social Media.

Klug is a well-known face on Facebook, with close to 900,000 followers. Her posts get over 10K views with hundreds of comments appreciating her work. She has a video with over 61 million views. She also has an official Instagram and YouTube channel with 68K and 77K subscribers. Klug also has a website where she sells her recorded albums and give updates.

Wiki and other facts.

Full name Hillary Klug
Age N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Place of Birth N/A
Profession Fiddler, Singer, Dancer
Net worth N/A
Wife N/A
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents N/A