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Ian Paget Wikipedia Biography and Facts.

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Ian Paget is a well-known social media influencer. Being popular in TikTok is everything in today’s time. He is one of the fastest-growing people in TikTok. He impresses his fans by uploading his videos on TikTok, and without any doubt, fans like it, and we know that how?

Well, he crosses over one million views on a daily basis. Ian was born in 1987 in England. He has the most fun personality. He is famous on TikTok because of his “cuteness.”

Most of the time, he is pranking his boyfriend Chris Olsen, and in Chris’s video, he is pranking Ian. People also love to see their relationship. Their video went viral just because of their relationship. 

Of course, he is a 33 years old man, very attractive but not for you ladies because he is openly gay and has a boyfriend! They also have a common channel on TikTok called ChrisandOlsen.

Now please don’t assume he is famous only because of TikTok. Ian Paget has also been in TV series like One Life to Live, Mozart in the Jungle, and The Queens Project.

Image of TikTok star, Ian Paget.
TikTok star, Ian Paget

Ian Paget Net Worth.

Ian’s main source of income is TikTok as he is a very famous TikTok star. According to sources, his estimated net worth is around a hundred thousand to one million dollars.

However, we don’t know much about his lifestyle and his house because of his interest in private life in this kind of thing.

Ian Paget earns more than average, and he seems to be in good condition regarding his earnings and living a lavishing life. 


Chris and Ian are just adorable. They have been together for over a year now, and their relationship? Still stronger than ever!

Their fans and followers want them to get married as soon as possible. They are both content creators on YouTube and met through a common friend.

How good of a matchmaker, right? Ian Paget and his boyfriend Chris  are always pranking each other with cute questions, and practical pranks are like their ‘thing.’

They are always seen pranking each other, being goofy with each other, and loving each other. Noone other than Chris will ever be better for Ian. They both are just so solid.

Image of TikTok star, Ian Paget and his boyfriend, Chris Olsen.
Ian Paget with his boyfriend, Chris Olsen.

Ian Paget Wikipedia.

  • Ian is a great actor. Yes, he is a TikTok star too, but his acting was flawless in all the TV series he was starred into.


  • He is from America. Ian has to travel to many places for his work, but he lives in America and is from America.


  • Paget is openly gay and has a boyfriend named Chris Olsen. They both seem to be into each other.


  • He was born into an amazing family and great siblings, but he keeps that part of his life private, most probably because he doesn’t want to bother them with being in the spotlight. It can be dangerous!


  • He has an estimated net worth of nearly a million dollars. Imagine how luxurious life he must live.
Photo of Ian Paget.