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What Happened to Ice Road Truckers? Is the show coming back?

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Utterly enveloped in suspense and adventure, “Ice Road Truckers” enthralls and grasps each breath of its viewers across the world as it begins. Premiered through History Channel, it became a highly-regarded and popular television series worldwide.

About the Show Ice Road Truckers

Image of Ice Road Truckers
Ice Road Truckers is a reality television series that premiered on History Channel.

The “Ice Road Truckers” fans already know what the show is about. Begun in 2007, it is a reality T.V. series that portrays the deadly job of driving trucks over frozen lakes.

Frozen lakes are called Ice Road in Canadian and Alaskan Arctic territories; hence, the name of the show.

These truck drivers walk on thin ice while driving their heavily loaded trucks with suppliers over these icy roads. During the harsh winter, these trucks make delivery the required supplement in the remote areas of Canada and Alaska.

The series is, in itself, a display of the harsh whips these truck drivers come across in their journey.

Lisa Kelly, Alex Debo Gorski, Darrell Ward, Hugh Rowland, Art Burke, and Reno Ward are the cast members of this reality series.

The concept of the season lies within Edith Iglauer’s Book “Denison’s Ice Road,” based on the book, a 46-minute short episode named after the show itself, which was displayed through History.

Later in 2006, the History Channel decided to create a series based on the “Ice Road” book. By 2007, people across the world were encountering the deadly lives of truck drivers.

The popularity gained by the series led to its continuity till the 11th season. One of the most-watched shows, “Ice Road Truckers,” ended in 2017.

Is the Ice Road Truckers Canceled?

The “Ice Road Truckers” fans have been perplexed whether the 11th season is its last season or the next season is coming forth. They are out of patience waiting for the next season.

But their long wait turns out to have been lost in vain because The History Channel has suddenly announced the official cancelation of the TV series.

They have declared season 11 as the last season of the series because there aren’t any new plans for the renewal of the franchise.

Though this declaration answers the question of its fans on the upcoming seasons, the fans still believe that History will come up with season 12 of the beloved reality show.

No other specific reasons have been mentioned for the ending of this worldwide popular series.


Image of Ice Road Truckers