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Is Bob Vila Alive? His Net Worth, Age

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Bob Vila is a home repair and renovation contractor who spent a large portion of his life helping people. His remarkable experience in DIY home projects makes him one of the most trusted names in the business.

This eventually translated to a show on television, more specifically, ‘This Old House.’ For the next three decades, Bob would host various shows that focused on renovation and home improvement. How old is Bob Bila?

At one point, Vila even joined the peace corps and traveled to Panama, where he’d build houses for the local communities. So, is Bob Vila still alive? Here is an update on his health and net worth.

Is Bob Vila from “This Old House” Alive?

Bob Vila is very much alive and breathing. For one, he still offers renovation tips on his website, which is still active as of 2021. If that is not enough, you can also turn to his certified Twitter handle, where he posted as early as a few hours ago. In fact, Bob still Tweets multiple times every day.

Moreover, there are no credible reports online that even hint at his demise. Anything you find might be unsubstantiated rumors, which should be completely ignored. So, where do these reports stem from?

Well, Vila once operated a YouTube Channel that has long since been abandoned. He hasn’t posted any videos in about three years. Naturally, his absence from the platform birthed rumors.

Why is Bob Vila from “This Old House” limping?

Bob Vila is in decent health, as far as we can tell. However, there is no getting around the fact that old age is starting to catch up with him. The older we get, the more brittle our bones and muscles become. We lose a yard of pace and a fair meant of strength to boot. As such, simple acts such as walking can become tedious.

Lest we forget, Bob’s work involved a significant amount of manual labor. Over the years, this did a number on his body, explaining why he developed a limp. It is, however, nothing to worry about, as Bob is still in excellent condition. He is simply enjoying retirement as we speak.

Bob Vila from This Old house enjoying his life
This Old House Host, Bob Vila

Net Worth and Income

Vila is a 75-year-old television veteran, working on series like This Old House, Restore America, and Bob Vila’s Home Again. Remarkably, when Bob started on television, he received a measly $200 for every episode he featured on.

As he became a household name, this figure rose to $800. In his initial decade-long run on the show, Bob would star in over 235 episodes, which translates to about $180,000 in television revenue. Later on, his earnings would increase dramatically, especially after he gained experience.

In the twilight of his time on This Old House, it was widely reported that he took home about $500,000. Long before he was approached to appear on television, Vila was working on his own design and construction business. With the experience he had amassed throughout his career, Bob was able to write ten different books.

Vila’s Guide to Buying Your Dream House was one of his earliest ventures. It is still available on Amazon, where it retails for about $7. As of 2021, Bob Vila’s net worth is reported to be $25 million.

Age, Wiki

Bob Vila was born on June 20th, 1946, in Miami, Florida, and is 75 at the moment. Looking at his ethnic background, we found that Bob has relatives in Cuba. Vila draws his passion for design and construction directly from his old man, who, remarkably, constructed their family house on his own.

When he was younger, the two of them would regularly take on multiple DIY projects in their compound. Bob’s educational background includes studying at Miami Jackson High, and later, the University of Florida.

Vila is also a proud humanitarian. He lends his experience to organizations such as Habitats for Humanity, which regularly construct homes for the less fortunate in New York. Besides this, he was also affiliated with the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

Moreover, Bob is also a married man. He tied the knot to Diana Barett, a fellow humanitarian, back in 1975. Together, they have three kids.

Bob Vila is alive