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Is Jacob Elordi Gay? Sister (Isabella Elordi, Jalynn Elordi) Parents

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Jacob Elordi is an accomplished actor based in Australia. The actor is well-recognized for his role as Noah Flynn from the Netflix rom-com movie “The Kissing Booth.” In addition to that, he is currently seen on a TV series named “Euphoria” that premieres on the HBO channel. As of now, after his gay rumors circulated, the public’s interest in his life details has increased.

So, here is all you want to know about the young actor, including his parents and sisters, Isabella Elordi and Jalynn Elordi.

Jacob Elordi Sexual Orientation. Gay Rumors

Is Jacob Elordi gay? Mr. Elordi’s sexuality has raised many questions among his fans. The news about Jacob being gay circulated when Tommy Dorfman posted a photo of Jacob kissing him on the cheek. The picture spread like air, and soon everyone was talking about his sexuality.

Image of Jacob Elordi and Tommy Dorfan
The Kissing Booth actor, Jacob Elordi and Tommy Dorfan was spotted kissing.

On the other hand, Tommy is non-binary and is happily married to his husband, Peter Zurkuhlen. However, Jacob could have kissed Tommy as a friend, and him being gay is just a rumor, but we are not sure. Meanwhile, the actor himself has not spoken anything regarding his sexuality. Maybe he didn’t feel the necessity to explain himself, but his fans are still waiting for the confirmation.

Jacob Elordi Dating life and Relationships

The public is trying even more challenging to know all about Mr. Elordi’s dating life after his gay rumor. The actor is currently dating his beloved girlfriend, Kaia Gerber, reported a source. The couple has been dating since 2020. Their dating news began when they were seen together at Nobu on a dinner date.

Despite the fact that they both denied being in love, their relationship became public in October 2020 after they were spotted kissing. Since then, the pair have been seen as inseparable and have spoken about each other in interviews. Recently in February 2020, Kaia even uploaded an Instagram story of her receiving flowers from Jacob on Valentine’s Day.

Jacob Elordi with his girlfriend, Kaia Gerber
Jacob Elordi with his girlfriend, Kaia Gerber

Prior to being with Kaia, the actor was in a relationship with his Euphoria co-actor Zendaya.

They dated for a year. Likewise, Jason had also dated his Kissing Booth co-star Joey King between 2017-2018.

But as of now, Jacob has a blissful love life with Kaia Gerber, and fans are even hoping for the pair to be married soon.

Jacob Elordi Siblings, Isabella and Jalynn Elordi

Jacob is not the only child of his parents and has three elder sisters. Isabella Elordi is the most senior of them all, then is Jalynn Elordi, and the name of his 3rd sister is anonyms. Also, according to the BBC Gossips, the age gap between the sibling is not that huge.

Likewise, the Elordi sibling is really close to each other and are often seen making time for each other despite their busy career. Once in an interview, Jacob was seen teasing his sister Isabella stating her to be the shortest among all of them.

Jacob Elordi with his sisters, Isabella and Jalynn Elordi
Jacob Elordi and his sisters, Isabella and Jalynn Elordi

Isabella Elordi is a Photographer

The actor’s oldest sister, Isabella Elordi, is a professional photographer. Specifically, she specializes in portrait photography. She uses unique objects and light effects that make her photography different from the other photographers. In addition to being an accomplished photographer, Isabella is also a great ballet dancer who even performs at theatres.

Jacob Elordi Parents and Family

Jacob Elordi was born in Brisbane, Australia, to parents John Elordi (father) and Melissa Elordi (mother) in the year 1997. The actor is 24 years at present and his birthday is celebrated on 26th July. The actor is the family’s youngest child and has three sisters; Isabella, Jalynn, and an anonymous sister.

Likewise, Jacob belongs to a family with Basque ethnic background. Apart from this, not Munich about the Elordi family is revealed on the web. We are not sure what his parents do for a living, but one thing is certain that the parents have raised their children right and are now proud of them.

Jacob Elordi with his family
Jacob Elordi with his parents, John Elordi and Melissa Elordi, and his sister

Social Media Activities

The Kissing Booth actor, Jacob, is a pretty active social media user. He is mainly seen on Instagram, the platform which he joined in 2017 as @jacobelordi. He has made only 31 posts since then but has amassed massive fan followers of 10.9 million people.

Most of the on his handle is his single modeling pictures. Likewise, his Instagram handle has a blue tick, resembling a verified user of the platform.

Is Jacob Elordi Gay or what