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Is Mike Holmes Married to Wife? Ex-wife Alexandra Lorex

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Mike Holmes is a 58-year old contractor, entrepreneur, and who has also dabbled with television. He is the main character on the show Holmes on Homes, where he aids people who are fixing up their houses. In a Twitter post, Holmes even revealed that he has a lot of experience when it comes to kitchen renovation.

It is hard-earned, as this type of job isn’t easy. Mike’s popularity is equally impressive on social media, as he boasts over 150K followers on IG alone. Here is what you want to know about Mike Holmes’ current wife and his ex-wife.

Is Mike Holmes married to a wife?

Mike has been married twice already. His current wife is a woman named Anna Zappia. The two met at the worst possible time for Mike. He was freshly divorced, dealing with custody issues and its impact on his young kids.

Moreover, his construction business was also tanking because of the recession. During this time, Anna proved to be his rock, constantly encouraging him and providing the support he needed as he rebuilt his life from scratch.

In an interview, Mike even revealed that Zappia was the one who gave him the extra nudge he needed to venture into television. It is fair to say that she is partly responsible for the success Holmes experienced. Reports say that they met sometime back in the early 90s, suggesting that they have been together for over three decades.

Anna even helped raise the children Mike had from his previous relationship, which would explain the close bond she shares with all three at the moment.

While the details regarding her marriage to Holmes are scarce, the latter has confirmed that they are married on numerous occasions. Moreover, he regularly refers to Anna Zappia as his wife.

Mike Holmes with his current wife, Anna Zappia
Mike Holmes and his current wife, Anna Zappia

His ex-wife Alexandra Lorex

Mike and Alexandra have known each other ever since they were kids. They started dating when they were teenagers before eventually tying the knot at the tender age of 19. The wedding took place in 1982 in Canada. Unfortunately for the pair, tragedy and loss would eventually tear them apart about a decade later.

The recession hit the Holmes family hard in the 90s, which meant dealing with some serious financial trouble. If that wasn’t bad enough, Mike even lost both of his parents.

All these problems put a strain on his marriage, and separation became a forgone conclusion soon after. Despite this, the two retained mutual respect for each other for their kids’ benefit and continued being excellent co-parents.

Mike Holmes with his current wife, Alexander
Mike Holmes with his current wife, Alexandra Lorex

Their kids.

Alexandra’s oldest child, Amanda, was born in 1984, two years after her parent’s wedding. Aside from regularly working in her father’s construction business, Amanda has also given her parents two grandchildren already, Emily and Wyatt.

Alexandra’s second child was Sherry. Like her sister, Sherry has also given her parents another grandchild, Cali Kay Holmes. Unlike her sister, she has never been keen on the construction business. However, she is very hands-on when it comes to the philanthropic aspects of the business. The couple’s only son, Mike Jr, is proving to be a carbon copy of his father.

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