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Is P Allen Smith Gay? Or Married to Wife/Partner? His Net worth.

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P Allen Smith is a TV personality, fifth-generation landscape designer, and environmentalist. He believes that the maintenance of scrubs is essential to a healthy garden. A look at Smith’s background shows that he was born on March 12th, 1960 in Arkansas.

As such, he is a 61-year old American Citizen. P Allen’s rise to fame relates to his work with the PBS network. Today, Smith is one of the most trusted landscape designers in the country. Examine his private life right here. Find out if he is gay or married to a wife.

P Allen Smith Bio and Career

Smith’s educational background includes time spent at Hendrix College, a liberal arts institution. As we speak, he is a certified member of the Royal Horticultural Organization. Moreover, he also works with the Garden Club of America. Amongst his list of achievements is a 2017 Award for Best Organic Program.

Net worth and Income.

P Allen is an award-winning gardener whose primary income stream is his family business. They have a nursery and design business that additionally offers private tours of their lavish gardens.

Fall often proves to be their most profitable time. During this time, their farm is lined with bold hues of dahlias, salvias, and even roses, making it the most colorful time of the year. Tours are offered every Friday and Thursday across three different months: September, October, and November.

Aside from gardening, Smith also makes money from his television exploits. Presently, he has featured on three different shows. The first was P. Allen Smith Gardens, which not only premièred in 2000 but also went on to air over 100 episodes. His second series, Garden to Table, aired about a decade later in 2011.

Three years later, Smith was at the helm of another show, Garden Home. The last source of money we could was his work as an author. To date, he has about nine different publications.

These range from titles like Veggies & Herbs to Colours for the Garden. The latter retails for about $6 on Amazon. As of 2021, P Allen Smith’s net worth is $6 million.

P Allen Smith loves flower
An award-winning gardener, P Allen Smith

Is P Allen Smith gay?

Well, this is a question that has been raised for a couple of years now. Smith is a gardener, and as far as gender roles go, this was typically considered a woman’s profession. As such, it often drew people to question his sexuality.

On his part, P Allen even out of his way to introduce his audience to a man he referred to as his life partner. The man in question only features a few times in the series.

Some people took this as confirmation that P Allen Smith liked men, which is a clear indication that he is gay. However, sources say that he has also had a few women in his life. At the very least, this suggests that Smith may be bi-sexual.

Is P Allen Smith married to a wife?

More than a decade ago, the New York Times released a story that suggested that Smith was married to a woman named Debbie. They could not find anything substantial on her, which just leaves a large cloud of mystery.

In an interesting turn of events,  P Allen revealed that he had a new life partner. This implies that he and Debbie might have divorced each other already. However, Smith did not list the name of the man in question.

A TV personality, P Allen Smith