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Randy Fenoli Husband/Partner Michael Landry Passed Away. His Net Worth.

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Randy Fenoli is a 56 fashion designer and reality TV star. He is famous for starring in ‘Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best’ show on the TLC channel. Randy’s success journey started when he was still a young boy and has proven to have made the right career choice over the centuries.

In this article, we will shift a bit from his successful career and dig deep into his personal life. By the end of the day, you will learn facts about him, including his net worth and, most interestingly, his love life.

Who is Randy Fenoli?

Fenoli is very passionate about his work, and he is one of the best designers who gets along very well with his clients. His dream of becoming a designer was definite when he was still a young boy.

By the age of nine, he had started sewing. With time, he expanded his scope to be a makeup artist, hairstyle, and entertainer by the age of 20, acquiring a license to do all that work.

In 1990, he won the ‘Miss Gay America’ award, and this competition also came along with a monetary prize. He used the money to join the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Currently, Fenoli is operating as an independent consultant promoting his own designs and artistic work. Previously he worked for Vivian Dessy Diamond and the famous Kleinfeld Designs. His work has won several awards, including DEBI award two years in a row.

He has designed costumes for theaters in the past but is currently a specialist in dressing brides and bridegrooms. Fenoli made his TV debut in 2007, appearing in ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ show that streamed on the TLC channel.

His personality of being witty and full of energy brought many views for the show, increasing his fame. From 2011 to date, he has been the host for ‘Say Yes to the Dress, Randy Knows Best and Randy to the Rescue’ reality TV shows.

Is Randy Fenoli Gay?

The answer is yes, he is gay. Randy is a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights. On 11th June 2020, he made dresses that were worn by two gay ladies who got married in Oklahoma. He personally attended the wedding, pose for a photo with the couple, and posted it on Facebook, celebrating love and diversity.

Apart from that, his body physique says it all. He behaves more like a lady, and his voice also sounds like one. He gets along with ladies than men, which brings the question of whether he is the lady in all the gay relationships he has ever been in.

All these are just but assumptions based on observation. If you want to know the real truth, continue reading.

Is Randy Fenoli Married To a Husband/Wife?

Rumors had it that Randy was married to American actress and songbird Liza Minnelli. He rubbished these rumors in an interview he had in 2014.

He jokingly said that he and Liza were husband and wife for seven years, and sometimes, he would send her anniversary flowers. The lady was way too older than her and already had a life, making these rumors baseless.

However, sources have it that Randy had been in a relationship with an unknown partner with whom he stayed together for seven months before breaking up. The fine details about this person are unknown, whether it was a man or a woman is also unknown, what is known is that he moved him with him or her.

Randy shared a video on last Valentine’s Day and said that ‘he is hoping they surprise him’ this means that he might be having boyfriends or a special partner but no husband yet.

So far, he is a single guy enjoying the company of his dog named Chewy, who shares images of them on his social media platforms. He has managed to keep his love life very private.

To sum it up, Randy Fenoli is not married to a husband or a wife yet.

Randy Fenoli’s Partner Michael Landry Passed away in 2021.

Randy and Michael had been friends for the last 25 years. But on Saturday, June 26, 2021, Randy announced the death of his husband like partner Michael Landry’s death on his Twitter account.

Michael was a graduate from the University of New Orleans, also has vast experience in the dress and design industry, having worked for Prada as wear manager, and store manager at Max Mara.

Image of Randy Fenoli and his partner Michael Landry
Caption: Randy Fenoli and his partner Michael Landry

Family and parents.

Randy is living with his 96 years old mother. Not much is known about his father. He once said in an interview that he did not get along with his abusive father.

He spent his childhood in the countryside. His mother is a former army nurse. Randy had one sister who was also a nurse but unfortunately passed on in the line of duty, succumbing to aneurism in 1976.

Image of Randy with his mother and dog
Caption: Randy with his mother and dog

Randy Fenoli Net Worth and House.

Randy’s net worth is estimated to be between 8 and 10 million USD. He was once confirmed to be earning 20,000 for appearing on TV for four hours. His salary is estimated to be 3 million.

Not much is known about his house, but by looking at the images he has shared on his social media, he is living a very luxurious life in a Porsche house that he shares with his mother and dog.

Image of Fashion Designer, Randy Fenoli net worth
Caption: Fashion Designer, Randy Fenoli net worth

How old is Randy Fenoli?

Randy is 57 years old. He was born on 30th January 1964 in Mount Vernon, Illinois. His passion took him from the woods and established him in the city of New York. His Zodiac sign is Aquarius, having been born in January.

Full name Randy Fenoli
Age 57 years old
Date of Birth 30th January 1964
Place of Birth Mount Vernon, Illinois, USA
Profession                              Fashion Designer & TV personality
Net worth 10 million USD
Spouse N/A
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents N/A
Image of Is Randy Fenoli Married to Wife or Husband. His Net Worth