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Ivor Cummins Wikipedia: His Age, Bio and Amazing Facts

Ivor Cummins is an engineer by profession, but he has also been active in the medical field for decades. Moreover, Cummins still strives to find the cure for complex and harmful diseases. Furthermore, fans prefer to listen to Cummins as they believe he knows the most about the ongoing COVID-19 and hopes he will find a better solution.

Regardless, Ivor is a man with over decades of technical expertise. Most of the time, he was busy improving companies with his result-based analytical skills. But lately, Ivor has been getting attention for being vocal on health sectors without having prior knowledge on the subject matter.

Ivor Cummins Wikipedia Bio

Ivor, the Irishman, is a biochemical engineer who has been working all his life to curing complex diseases. Over the years, Ivor has found the cause and the cure for many chronic diseases. No wonder Ivor is a top-notch health officer thanks to his researches.


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Having a well-respected status in the biochemical field, Ivor has garnered millions of followers. The same fans often interview Ivor to know his view of the ongoing events and other medical concerns.


As Ivor Cummins prefers to keep his profile very low, not much information is available. However, the ever-so-vocal Ivor Cummings is a 1990 graduate from University College Dublin, where he received an engineering degree in chemical engineering.


Ivor’s beginning of his career was soon after he received his Biochemical engineering degree. In 1990, Ivor earned a spot in his professional field where he was a complex problem-solving analyst. As a chemical engineer, Ivor has led a team of more than 70 engineers in solving million-dollar worth projects like technical and product issues. Furthermore, Ivor has been a leader of technical corporate for more than 25 years.

Besides being a technical expert, Ivor also works on solving complex chronic diseases. Partnering with fellow doctors like Jeffry Gerber, Ivor has released two books named Eat Rich, Live Long, and Diabetes Unpacked.

As a problem solver, Ivor’s interviews primarily concern his view on solving new or old diseases along with political events. Similarly, Ivor was active and more popular lately with the pandemic.

Engineer and author, Ivor Cummins
Biochemical Engineer and author, Ivor Cummins.

The Irishman is also active in Ireland’s politics as Ivor’s political involvement includes governmental issues regarding health policies. Currently, Ivor is researching obesity and diabetes problems and hoping to solve other chronic disease problems.

Ivor Cummins Age, Parents, and Early life

Ivor Cummins has not yet revealed his birth date to the public media. Hence, no one can tell Ivor’s actual age. Some claim Ivor to be in his 40s. Ivor is a native Irish born to his Irish parents, whose names are also kept secret to the public. Regardless, Ivor’s hometown in which he grew up was Dublin city in the Republic of Ireland.

As of now, Ivor is involved in most projects while still living in Dublin, Ireland.

Ivor Cummins Wife

As of 2021, Ivor Cummins is a married man. By looking at his social media, we can tell that Ivor has been married for a long time. Though Ivor never revealed the name of his wife, he has posted some pictures of her online.

Ivor Cummins post with his family on Instagram
Ivor Cummins post with his family on Instagram with a caption, “Merry Christmas from the Cummins Family! ????”.

Ivor’s wife is presumable an Irish woman as well. In a recent Instagram post, Ivor celebrated father’s day with his wife and their children. Speaking of children, Ivor has five, including three daughters and two sons. The whole Cummins family took a group selfie during the 2020 Christmas Day.

Social Media activities

The veteran biochemical engineer is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Furthermore, Ivor has 15k followers on Instagram, 132k followers on Twitter, and 23k followers on Facebook. Most of Ivor’s contents include mapping diseases, debates, knowledge sharing, and most recently, news on Covid.

In addition, Ivor is also actively joining live podcasts, interviews, and social media to aware people of surrounding health issues. Besides this, Ivor also has a YouTube channel with nearly 200k subscribers where he collaborates with doctors to provide information that benefits our health.

Ivor was also active on Linkedin, where he helped over 4k companies with technical aspects of the business. However, Ivor revealed that his Linkedin restricted his profile due to violating policies.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Ivor has generated a net worth of around $1 million. Indeed, working as an engineer and problem-solving analyst has rewarded Ivor with colossal wealth. Similarly, his current YouTube venture also brings Ivor additional wealth.

Biochemical engineer, Ivor Cummins