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Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? Who is his Girlfriend/Partner?

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Jackson Mahomes was born in Kansas City to Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr., a professional athlete, and Randi Martin. He is an American star of Tik Tok, Instagram, and a social media star.

Throughout his story, millions of likes have been gathered. Jackson Mahomes is TikTok’s surest sensation. Jackson became a star due to his dance skills.

Likewise, he has created popular lip-sync videos for his massive number of followers from TikTok and Instagram, who have over 4 million likes in sum.

Now that’s a bigger story than ever nowadays. The famous TikTok app emerged in 2017 and is used by so many to create snappy videos, whether featuring lip-syncing or showcasing various songs, and we must say Jackson is one of the best ones.

Photo of Jackson Mahomes
Jackson Mahomes

Is Jackson Mahomes Gay?

He said he’s straight, but he gets a huge amount of homosexual jokes despite, sadly. His voice sounds feminine enough.

Jackson’s personal life never opened up to him. He may be with his girlfriend in a relationship, although we have no clue who the individual is.

In addition, he has always been speculating about being gay, and there are articles mostly on the web that share this information.

However, Jackson himself admitted in his recent YouTube video that he is straight and not gay. He even stated how much he despises it, which implies that he may be in denial.

People ought to think that he is gay because of his cringe TikTok, as said by people in his comment section. There are many videos on youtube reacting to his TikTok videos, calling them to cringe and homosexual.

Is Jackson Mahomes Dating a girlfriend?

Jackson is a fun-loving person and is often found hanging out with beautiful ladies at football games. So, the question is, does he have anyone in his life, or still single?

Well, Jackson’s relationship status is unknown, but he seems to flirt with gorgeous ladies, which we can find on his Instagram page.

He may be in a relationship with someone, but he’s never shared it with us (We want to know about your relationship Jackson!).

Also, he has been speculating about being gay, and there are pages on the internet that share his information.

Jackson, however, did not confess on his own. He is focused on his career as of now and is developing his skills, as he says, but we all know that’s just what they say.

Image of Patrick Mahomes’ Brother, Jackson Mahomes.