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What Does Jacob “Buck” Lowe Do for a Living? Weight Loss, Wife, Wikipedia

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Jacob Lowe is a star in some documentary series, an American reality TV star, a skilled actor, hunter, and fisherman. While Jacob “Buck” Lowe lives a life full of secrecy, he shares little information about his personal life. It is surprising how a celebrity keeps that privacy despite the fact that there are many paparazzi roaming around.

Obviously, he is the type of person who likes to keep his personal life just to himself to assure that no hate comments are coming from other people. However, we have gathered a few details about the documentary star that might give you a glimpse of who he is behind the camera.

In this article, we will discuss the sources of income of Jacob Lowe, as well as his journey to weight loss, his dating history, and his biography.

What Does Jacob Lowe Do for a Living?

Jacob Lowe is an American reality TV star who starred in Mountain Monster. He also became the star of a number of movies, one of which is A Murder in the Park. There are rumors that most of the money in his bank account came from his earnings from the show “A Murder in the Park.”

In other words, even though he knew how to fish and hunt, his main source of income came from his career in the showbiz industry. People just loved how he acted in shows. That is why it earned him a huge amount of money.

Jacob Lowe on Mountain Monsters

The show Mountain Monsters premiered on June 22, 2013, on the channel Destination America. The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) were famous in the Mountain Monsters series. There are six hunters belonging to this group, one of them is Jacob Lowe.

Jacob Buck Lowe with Mountain Monster casts
Jacob Buck Lowe with Mountain Monster casts

The name “Buck” was given to him because, just like the definition of “buck,” he was a force to be reckoned with in the series. He never backs down, and usually, he is the first one who initiates combat. He was known to have a daredevil personality in the show, and some people say that he still has that personality in real life.

Jacob Lowe Weight Loss

When a person encounters serious health problems that could affect their lives in the future, the first advice of the doctor is to lose weight and have a healthy diet.

Jacob Lowe’s weight loss was very recognizable over the years. People thought that he had to lose weight because it was noticeable that the American reality TV star was rapidly increasing his weight and leading to obesity.

No information was disclosed about why Jacob had to lose weight, but his fans believed that it was because of health concerns, and there are pictures on different platforms showing how slim Buck is now compared to before.

Wife and Kids

Jacob Lowe is allegedly married to a woman named Christine Stein. Rumors have it that they had a wedding ceremony, a micro wedding. The said wedding happened in Omaha in the year 2018 on May 12. The couple has no kids and is just planning to have one.

Jacob Buck Lowe with his wife, Christine Stein
Jacob Buck Lowe with his wife, Christine Stein


Wikipedia info

Name Jacob “Buck” Lowe
Age Late-thirties
Birthday 1980s
Birthplace West Virginia, USA
Wife Christine Stein
Job Fisherman, Hunter, TV star, Actor
Net Worth $600,000
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American
Children None
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
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