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How old is Jaden Newman? Height, Parents

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Jaden Newman is a multitalented social figure also known for her basketball career. She has excelled in particularly three fields, and they are; a reality TV show, Instagram Celebrity, and a full-time basketball player.

Jaden is popular among her fans because of her aspiration for basketball, attractive body, and intimacy with her basketball star brother Julian Newman. Furthermore, Jaden proved her versatility when she released a video track titled ‘I Run It,’ featuring Chandler Broom and Orlando.

We will bring up Jaden Newman’s age and height in this column. Moreover, you will also get through her bother and parents.

Jaden Newman Age

Jaden has accomplished success in multiple fields right from a young age. She is still running in her teens and being exact; she is just 17 years old. Jaden’s birth date is June 13, 2004, and her birthplace is Orlando, Florida.

She grew up there and is also continuing her basketball career from that place. She is not the only child; rather, she has an elder brother named Julian. Descending from her parents, Jaden has Puerto Rican and Jewish mixed-ethnic background.

Jaden Newman Height

For a professional basketball player, Jaden’s height seems pretty small as compared to others. She stands approx. 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm tall. Likewise, she is even shorter than her fellow sibling Julian.

Julian outstands Jaden with 2 inches as his height per the record is 5 feet 7 inches. Some people speculate that Julian may have a height benefit in the game over her sister Jaden.

Professional basketball player, Jaden Newman
Jaden Newman’s height is 5 feet 5 inches.

Jaden’s dwarf height had challenged her in pursuing a basketball career in the past. The height factor even questioned her about selection and playing in her team.

However, Jaden managed to overcome this with the help of her excellent dribbling skills. Though Jaden’s height didn’t support her, she plays like a beast inside the court and has managed to score pretty well. In a word, Jaden didn’t let her short figure ruin her basketball career.

Jaden’s Brother

Everyone knows Jaden’s brother, basketball star Julian Newman. With Julian and Jaden, there are dual stars in the Newman family. Julian has been a news topic since his playing basketball video went viral on YouTube back in 2012.

His fans have accepted him as the best-talented amateur basketball player. The brother-sister duo is often taken as a one as they have shared every training with the coach being their own father.

Jaden Newman and her brother Julian Newman
Jaden Newman and her brother Julian Newman posing for a photo

Talking about his career, Julian started playing basketball as a varsity player for his secondary school named Downey Christian School. Nevertheless, he is playing with a team named Prodigy Prep. Jamie graduated from high school back in 2020 and hasn’t enrolled in any colleges till now.

Jaden’s Parents

The main reason behind the early success of Jaden and Julian is the athlete background of their parents, Jamie Newman and Vivian Gonzalez. Both parents have played basketball as a profession in the past. It is the couple’s effort that their children have managed to thrive in their sports careers.

In the past, Jamie played as a point guard for the team of Colonial High School. Later, he became senior coach of the basketball team in Downey Christian School, which happens to be his kids’ school also. Apart from coaching basketball, he taught history in the same school.

Recently, he founded a sports school called Prodigy Prep, where his kids also practice. Jamie is of Jewish American ethnic background.

Jaden Newman with her brother and parents
Jaden Newman with her brother and parents, Jamie Newman and Vivian Gonzalez

Likewise, Jaden’s mother Vivian had also played as a point guard of the team of University High School placed in Orlando. After her sports career, Vivian worked in the navy for four years. Recently, she worked at United States Postal Service. Vivian has an ethnicity of Puerto Rican.

In short, the Newman family has always been supportive for the kids to foster in the field of basketball, and they share common athlete history too.

Quick Wiki

Full Name Jaden Newman
Height 5’3”
Age 17 years
Date of Birth June 13, 2004
Father’s Name Jamie Newman
Mother’s Name Vivian Gonzalez
Net Worth $2 million
Instagram Followers 1 million
Relationship Status Single
Jaden Newman age height parents