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Jason Rantz Wikipedia: His Wife, Gay and Bio Facts

Jason Rantz is an American TV show host and a media personality. He is currently employed at 770KTTH as a host. There, he runs his ‘The Jason Rantz Show.’

Jason frequently appears in the news as he is targeted by many ‘bad faith progressives’ for being a Jew and gay personality. Rantz suspects that they are trying to silence the likes of him.

Furthermore, he is also popular for his dense eyebrows. It’s strange, but there are many search queries for whether his eyebrows are real or not in Google. Today, we talk about Jason Rantz’s wiki facts, relationship and gay status, and wife.

Jason Rantz Wikipedia-Bio

Jason was born in Brooklyn, USA. His parents were Jewish and raised him in the same city he was born. He completed his early studies at the Pacific Hills High School. In 2004, Jason graduated from Occidental College.

Jason’s media and broadcasting career began after his graduation. He landed his first job in Infinity Broadcasting. There, he was a talk show host for several years. After that, he started working at the Free FM studio in San Diego. During his career, he also wrote for various newspapers and magazines.

At one time, he worked as a columnist for the Family Security Foundation. He worked there from 2007 to 2010 and moved on to work for Seattle’s KIRO FM.

There, he was a talk show host for the radio program. Jason stayed with the FM for four years until Bonneville International hired him. Finally, KTTH 770AM brought him on, and since then, Rantz has worked for them.

Media personality, Jason Rantz
American TV show host and a media personality, Jason Rantz

Is Jason Rantz married? Relationship Status

Jason is a handsome man in his late thirties. He had thick eyebrows from his early days, which became a topic of interest for his followers as he settled himself into a reputable career—many accused Jason of using fake eyebrows. However, we can see from his childhood pictures that he had beautiful eyebrows since he was a kid.

As of 2021, Jason is single. Furthermore, he hasn’t spoken about his marriage. Jason’s dating profile is also unknown to the public. The host is almost in his forties and is single.

This has raised questions for many of his followers. Even though he isn’t dating anyone and is not interested in marriage anytime soon, he has made some exciting announcements for his marriage.

In a tweet, he mentioned that actor and musician @DerekKlena would be the one to DJ at his wedding. This might be a revelation that Jason is finally thinking of marrying someone. However, we can only guess for now.

Is Jason Rantz gay?

The KTTH770 AM host is about to be in his forties. And he hasn’t dated any female celebrities yet. This might raise questions for the new fans on why the handsome personality isn’t dating anyone. It turns out that Jason Rantz is openly Gay and a proud member of the LGBTQ community.

Furthermore, he has mentioned many times that the bad faith progressives attack him all the time due to his gender. To make matters worse, he is also Jewish, making him all the more susceptible to face discrimination.

According to Jason, some people try to bully him and silence the likes of him. The progressive activists will protect their kind, but only as long as you follow their policies. However, Jason’s voice is too large for the activists to silence.

Image of Host Jason Rantz
Seattle-based talk show host on KTTH Radio, Jason Rantz

Real Name, Age, and Birthday

Jason Rantz was born as ‘Jason Antebi.’ In May 2019, many Twitter users criticized him because of his article. He had written about the director Sam Zimbabwe whose real name is Sam Zimmerman.

He talked about how the director changed his name and posted some of his opinions in his article. Some Twitter users took it seriously and criticized Jason for trying to make a scandal out of it.

Another user further mentioned that Jason changed his name from Antebi to Rantz just to make it a bit edgy. Other than that, we learned that Rantz was born on 4th March 1982. This makes him 39 years old as of 2021.

Net Worth and Salary

The KTTH770 AM host earns a yearly salary of $148,100. Consequently, as of 2021, Jason Rantz’s net worth is about $800,000. In addition to leading a successful career in journalism and media, he also makes smart investments.

This helped him accumulate his wealth. He is available in Instagram as @jasonrantz and has 7.4k followers as of July 2021.

American TV show host, Jason Rantz