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Jeremy Sisto Net Worth, Wife Addie Lane, Ex-wife, Marisa Ryan, Movies & TV Shows.

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Jeremy Sisto is a talented American actor, filmmaker, producer, and scriptwriter. He is mainly known for appearing in NBC’s drama series ‘Law & Order.’ He has recently appeared on the TV show ‘The Real’ and 2021 movie, ‘Last Night in Rozzie.’

Moreover, Jeremy is a resourceful actor. He has garnished his career with various roles in numerous movies, TV series, music videos, and stage performances. This article is all about his wife Addie Lane and his ex-wife, Marisa Ryan.

Furthermore, he is also a creative writer and has written scripts for numerous screenplays. We have compiled Jeremy Sisto’s biography for you in this article, including his career details, net worth, and wife.

Jeremy Sisto Biography

American actor Jeremy Sisto was born in California as the youngest son of Reedy Gibbs and Richard Sisto on October 6, 1974. He grew up in a family of celebrities as his mother, Reedy Gibbs, was a well-known actress, and his father, Richard, was a jazz musician. Furthermore, Jeremy has a sister, Meadow, who is also a famous actress.

Jeremy’s parents divorced while he was very young. Thus, he lived with his mother only. Later, at seven years old, he migrated to Chicago with his mother and older sister, Reedy Gibbs. He attended a local high school in Chicago and later went to the University of California for his education. Since then, Jeremy’s career has flourished as an actor.

Jeremy Sisto was exposed to acting on a national level at ten years old. His first appearance was in a music video of the ‘Twisted Sisters.’ Later in 1991, he debuted in movies with a drama film ‘Grand Canyon,’ alongside actor Kevin Kline. Since then, Jeremy has played diverse characters in various movies and TV shows.


Jeremy Sisto Career, Movies & TV shows

Law and Order actor has spent over three decades in the film industry and contributed to its welfare. In such a long time, he has seen his downfall and rise. However, Sisto has never failed to impress his audiences with the best performances while portraying varied characters. Below, we have listed some of his famous movies, TV shows, and characters he has portrayed in them.

Ø 1995 TV film ‘Hideaway’: played a killer named Vassago.

Ø 1995 movie ‘Clueless’: played a rich teen named Elton.

Ø 1998 movie ‘Without Limits’: played Frank Shorter, an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Ø 1999 US film ‘This Space between Us’: played widowed filmmaker.

Ø 2001-2005 TV show ‘Six Feet Under’: Played Billy Chenowith, artist.

Ø 2003 TV show ‘The Twilight Zone: Played Grady Finch.

Ø 2008-2010 TV drama series ‘Law & Order’: played Detective Cyprus Lupo.

Ø 2012 movie ‘Robot & Frank’: played Sheriff Rowlings.

Ø 2015 movie ‘Batman Vs. Robin’: played Talon.

Ø 2015 British Thriller film ‘Hangman’: played Aaron Miller.

Ø 2017 animated adventure film ‘Ferdinand’: gave his voice to Ferdinand’s father.

Ø 2020 short movie ‘Wichita’: played the character, Josh, etc.

Furthermore, there is one fascinating thing about Jeremy Sisto’s career. Canadian filmmaker James Cameron offered him the role of ‘Jack Dawson’ in the 1997 American movie ‘Titanic.’ However, due to unknown reasons, he lost the role to American actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jeremy Sisto Net Worth

The American actor has led a much-diversified career in the film and TV industry. Starting in 1984, he is still active in 2021 and will keep going. In 2021, Jeremy Sisto’s net worth is $6 million. Moreover, he has made most of his wealth as an actor and producer.

First wife Marisa Ryan, love life, divorce, kids.

Jeremy Sisto was married to the ‘Sex and the city’ actress Marisa Ryan in 1993. Interestingly, they were only married for two days. Moreover, Jeremy was just 18 years old, and Marisa was also about the same age. They had an impulsive marriage during their Las Vegas tour.

However, they decided to separate after two days and remained a good friend. Jeremy and Marisa Ryan officially divorced in 2002.

Jeremy Sisto's first wife, Marisa Ryan
Marisa Ryan, first wife of Jeremy Sisto

Marisa Ryan Short Bio

In Manhattan, New York, the American actress Marisa Ryan took birth on November 20, 1974. She debuted in movies with a minor role in the 1983 American drama film ‘Without a Trace.’ Since then, Marisa has starred in several movies and TV series. Her most notable appearances are in ‘New York Undercover,’ ‘The Practice,’ ‘Law & Order,’ ‘Brooklyn Lobster,’ etc. Moreover, Marisa Ryan is also a writer and director, and her debut as a director was with the 1997 short film ‘Three Women of Pain.’

Marisa is currently living a prosperous married life with her husband, Nathan Graf.

Jeremy Sisto’s wife, Addie Lane.

In 2009, actor Jeremy Sisto took vows with wife Addie Lane. We have no clue how the couple met. However, Jeremy and Addie started their relationship in February 2007. They gave birth to their elder daughter Charlie-Ballerina Sisto in June 5, 2009. And on March 9, 2012, Jeremy and Addie welcomed their youngest son Bastian Kick Sisto.

Currently, the couple lives at their $2.45 million home in Los Angeles.

Jeremy Sisto and Addie with their children
Jeremy Sisto and Addie with their children

Addie Lane Bio

Star actor Jeremy Sisto’s wife, Addie Lane, maintains a low-key lifestyle. She barely appears on media and has kept her social media accounts private. Moreover, she belongs to an average family and became famous only after her involvement with Jeremy. Thus, we are unaware of her birthdate and past life.

She is currently living in Los Angeles with her husband, Jeremy Sisto, and two beautiful kids.

Jeremy Sisto Biography