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Jersey Shore Cast Net Worth 2022: What Are They Doing Now?

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About Jersey Short

TV lovers would definitely love to watch a series based on reality. They can see the non-filtered behavior of their celebrities. Due to people’s interest in the real-life of people under fame, reality TV series received enormous view ratings like Jersey Shore.

This article will discuss MTV’s reality TV series ‘Jersey Shore’ and its casts and their net worth in 2022. What are they doing now?

The MTV reality series ‘Jersey Shore’ is about eight housemates who live, work, and party together around New Jersey, including Atlantic City, Neptune, and Toms River. Jersey Shore was aired in August 2009. The continuation of the series, ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ will have its 5th season in January 2022. It is best known for the casts who bravely showed their true self. It is hard to believe that the whole show is not scripted.

The show wasn’t originally MTV’s idea. Jersey Shore was planned to be an all-male competition that will be broadcast on television by VH1 and titled ‘America’s Biggest Guido.’

According to the founder of the 495 production, who also works on the reality TV series ‘Jersey Shore,’ SallyAnn Salsano, someone reported to him that the people who worked along with him on VH1 are about to move to MTV. Though it never originated from MTV, Jersey Shore received great review ratings.

Paul ‘Pauly D’ DelVecchio Net Worth

The American DJ and TV personality, Paul D. DelVecchio Jr., is one of the eight housemates on the MTV reality series ‘Jersey Show.’ He is professionally known as ‘DJ Pauly D’and ‘Pauly D.’ The 41-year-old TV personality was born on the 5th of July 1980. Paul D. is American by nationality and Italian by ethnicity. He was born and raised Italian in Providence, Rhode Island.

Before being a TV personality, Pauly D. was a full-time DJ. He is known for his music collaborating with several world-renowned artists such as Britney Spears and 50 Cent. His reputation increased to fame when he started his career in ‘Jersey Shore’ as one of the eight housemates.

He was on a top list searching for housemates because SallyAnn remembers him by djing and having a tanning booth in his own house.

Pauly D. is currently a proud father of Amabella Sophia Market. Amanda Market and Pauly D. decided to co-parent their child because they were never in a relationship and weren’t expecting to be pregnant on the one-night-stand.

Jerse Shore Cast Paul as Pauly D Del Vecchio
Pauly D Del Vecchio

The Jersey Shore housemate is currently in a relationship with his fellow reality star, Nikki Hall. The matched couple met for the first time when they appeared on the MTV show ‘A Double Shot at Love.’

In 2020, the couple decided to live together during the quarantine phase. According to Pauly D., the quarantine is a curse, yet an excellent opportunity for him to get his girlfriend, Nikki, even better. He already introduced Nikki to his Daughter, Amabella, and it seems the two are getting along.

The rumor about the couple being engaged never left the minds of their fans. On the last episodes of Jersey Shores, Nikki Hall had a chance to meet Pauly D.’s housemates. His housemates met her in a sweet way, which fans are dying to know if the following scene will reveal in the next season.

As of 2022, the reality TV personality Pauly D. has a net worth of $11 million. He received a salary worth $150k per episode. Half of his net worth came from his career as DJ.

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Net Worth

Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi, famously known for her nickname ‘Snooki,’ but prefers to be called by her original name as she becomes more mature. She became one of Jersey Shore housemates by her remarkable audition. Snooki saw the details about the audition for the MTV reality series ‘Jersey Shore’ on Facebook.

Through her practical auditioning method, Doron Ofir seemed amazed and offered her a role for the series. The series was looking for Guidos and Guidettes, so she decided to get drunk for the audition to get the part. Also, fans know her for her crazy antics during the early seasons of the series, but the fans noticed that she’s becoming more mature over the years.

On the 23rd of November 1987, Snooki was born in Santiago, Chile. She was born Chilean with American nationality. When she was six months old, Snooki was adopted by an Italian married couple, Helen and Andrew Polizzi, and grew up in Marlboro, New York.

Due to popular demand, The MTV reality TV series is titled after their nickname in Jersey Shore, ‘Snooki & Jwoww.’ Nicole Polizzi had her own separated reality TV series with her housemate in Jersey Shore, Jenni Farley, a.k.a JWOWW. They portray themselves as naturally BFFs, and they are having life adventures together.

Jersey Shore Cast Nicole as Snooki Polizzi
Nicole as Snooki Polizzi

Nicole Polizzi is also known for being married to a guy from the shore, Jionni LaValle, since October 2014. They hook up multiple times on the 3rd season of MTV reality TV series ‘Jersey Shore. Some fans became supportive of their relationship in the future, but most of them weren’t expecting something more than that.

Meanwhile, the rest of the fandom was shocked when they announced that they were officially dating and are currently married until today. The married couple presently has three children. Their fans are teasing them if they plan to have their fourth child.

According to Nicole and Jionni, even though they love to be chaotic together, they think they have enough. But Nicole Polizzi always dreamed about having four kids, who knows? Maybe they will have their fourth soon.

Nicole Polizzi has a total net worth of $5 million. MTV is paying her $150 thousand per episode. The 34-year-old reality TV star doesn’t focus on her career in the entertainment industry, so she is currently working as a savvy businesswoman.

As soon as her reputation increased because of the reality TV series, she launched her own clothing line, Snooki Shop, and a craft shop, Etsy. Nicole Polizzi is also a book writer.

In October 2015, she published her recent book titled ‘Strong is The New Sexy: A Kick Ass Memoir.”

Lastly, Nicole Polizzi has been working a weekly podcast on Spotify with her comedian gay friend, Joey Camasta. The weekly podcast was titled ‘It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey.’ Their podcast on Spotify talks about hot topics regarding their personal lives, careers, other celebrities, and the latest news and trends.

Sammi ’Sweetheart’ Giancola Net Worth

Samantha Giancola is one of the first batch housemates of the ‘Jersey Shore’ MTV reality series and is famously known for her nickname “Sammi Sweetheart.” Also, she is best known for having a relationship with her housemate, Ronnie Margo, and she usually cried about how bad his treatment was.

Sammi rejected being part of the revival show because she wanted to “avoid the potentially toxic situation” and live in a healthy environment. Sammi Sweetheart isn’t a part of the Jersey Shore anymore as she declined the role. According to Sammi, she lives in a different place where she should focus on her career outside the entertainment industry. In addition, she is currently happy with his life.

Samantha Giancola was born to a wealthy Italian family on the 14th of March 1987 in Hazlet, New Jersey. She was born American by nationality and Italian by ethnicity.

Jerse Shore Cast Samantha Giancola as Sammi Sweetheart Giancola
Samantha Giancola

Regarding her love life, Sammi Sweetheart is currently starting a new relationship with her new boyfriend, Justin May. They started dating around July 2021. She often expresses her love for him by posting their pictures on her social media accounts.

Sammi Sweetheart mainly focuses on his career in the business world. She launched his clothing line, Sweetheart Styles and fragrance, Dangerous. As of 2022, the former Jersey Shore housemate has an approximate net worth of $4 million.

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Net Worth

It is easy to agree with Mike Sorrentino because he is also interested in being part of the reality TV series Jersey Shore. Michael ‘The Situation’ is the first official housemate on the reality TV series Jersey Shore even though the concept of the series doesn’t exist yet.

He is on the top list to appear on VH1’s all-men competition TV series America’s Biggest Guido. Since most of the staff from VH1 moved to MTV, they lost Mike Sorrentino, too.

After the final season of the Jersey Shore, his life started to lose its way. Mike the situation consulted himself to rehabilitation to control his problem in prescription mediation.

Later on, in 2014, he was arrested with a case of tax fraud. According to the reports, he was alleged for not paying $9 million tax. In the same year, after he bailed out, he returned to being a reality star. He continued his TV appearance on his family TV series ‘The Sorrentinos,’ aiming to retrieve his reputation and legitimately survive his fame.

Unfortunately, it fails. Despite that, he appeared with his wife, Lauren Pesce, on the We TV reality series ‘Marriage Booth Camp: Reality Star.’ Mike used to have a net worth of $10 million. But due to his arrest, he currently has a net worth of $2 million.

Jerse Shore Cast, Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino

Michael Paul Sorrentino, famously known as Mike The Situation, was born on the 4th of July 1932 in Brighton, New York. He was born Italian with American nationality. He is currently married to his girlfriend from college, Lauren Pesce, since the 1st of November 2018. On the 26th of May 2020, they became a proud parent of Romeo Reign Sorrentino.

Ronnie Magro Net Worth

Ronnie J. Ortiz-Magro Jr. is best known to be a good-looking dancer in the reality TV series Jersey Shore. He is one of the original eight housemates. Ronnie is also famously known for having a non-healthy relationship with Sammi Sweetheart. Everybody witnessed how Ronnie maltreated Sammi Sweetheart while they were together. He is one of the reasons she left the reality TV series.

Although Sammi Sweetheart has already moved on from their relationship, Ronnie Magro still lives on the same page as he never learned from his experience in his past relationships. He is currently having a relationship with an eyelash technician, Saffire Matos.

There are reports about their engagement on the rock because they used to fight worse than the usual couple fight. Technically, their relationship is also on-off due to their toxic experiences.

In April 2021, Ronnie was arrested for committing domestic violence to Saffire Matos. Despite that, they are still together and trying to work things out.

Jersey Shore Cast, Ronnie Margo
Ronnie Margo

On the 4th of December 1985, Ronnie J. Ortiz-Margo Jr. was born in Bronx, New York. He was born of Italian ethnicity and American nationality.

When MTV officially announced that Ronnie Margo would join the reunion for the revival reality TV series, his fellow housemates were quite disappointed, so they had no choice but to deal with it.

The 36-year-old has a total net worth of $3 million. Besides his career as a reality TV star, he promotes businesses in his Instagram account.

Deena Nicole Cortese Net Worth

Deena Nicole Cortese is not one of the original eight housemates. She auditioned for season one of the series, but sadly, she was rejected. Hence, she was suggested to be a replacement after Angelina Pivarnick was evicted after season 2.

Even tho she was two seasons late, it felt like she was initially one of them. She seemed friendly, and they found her easy to get along with. She received a warm welcome from the whole gang as soon as she appeared in the reality TV series for the first time on its 3rd season. There was no particular drama at the moment she introduced herself to everyone.

Jersey Shore Cast, Deena Nicole Cortese
Deena Nicole Cortese

Deena Nicole will turn 35 years old on the 12th of January 2022. She was born during Capricon season in 1987. She was born and grew up having a sister in New Egypt, Plumsted, New Jersey.

Deena Nicole is still active in being a reality star. She also had her appearance in other reality TV shows such as When I Was 17, Celebrity Fear Factor, and Couples Therapy with her husband, Christopher Bucker.

As of 2022, Deena Nicole has a total net worth of $2 million.

Deena Nicole continues being a housemate of the reality TV show, and people expect her appearance in its upcoming season. The 35-year-old reality star has been married to her long-time partner, Christopher Bucker, since 2017. She is currently a mother to her two children: Cameron Theo Buckner and Christopher John Buckner.

Angelina Pivarnick Net Worth

 Angelina Pivarnick was one of the original eight housemates who passed by auditioning. According to the whole staff of Jersey Shore, including her fellow housemates, it was hard to work with her. In other words, Angelina Pivarnick was the most-hated roommate in the reality TV series.

Due to her unnecessary attitude, Angelina Pivarnick was evicted in season 2. Although she tried to make a comeback in the reality TV series in its 2nd season, she was forced to leave. When she was evicted, she had her own reality TV series, ‘The Comeback,’ which aims to be a kick-starter campaign.

When it was officially announced that Angelina Pivarnick would be part of the reality TV series reunion, Snooki and JWOWW became friendly around her. Though they are known for being arch-enemies, they are getting along with each other now.

Jersey Shore Cast, Angelina Pivarnick
Angelina Pivarnick

On the 26th of June 1986, Angelina was born in Staten Island, New York. Like her fellow housemates, she was born Italian with American nationality. She is currently married to long-time lover Chris Larangeira since 2019.

The married couple was rumored to be processing their divorce papers when Angelina Pivarnick bought her new mansion without crediting her husband on social media. The rumor was proven wrong when Mike The Situation posted a picture with a couple with a sweet pose.

The 35-year-old reality star mainly focuses on her career as a reality TV star. Through the years of Angelina Pivarnick’s career in the industry, she has a total net worth of $3 million.

Jenni Farley Net Worth

Jenni Farley is famously known for her stage name, JWOWW, and is one of the original housemates in the reality TV series Jersey Shore. She is also best known for having a solid friendship with Snooki. They even had their own separate reality TV series titled ‘Snooki & JWOWW,’ where they showed their fans their friendship and real-life adventures.

No doubt that JWOWW will still appear on the revival reality TV series Jersey Shore: Family Vacation because she is one of the iconic members. They want to see more of her life, including her friendship with her fellow roommates.

On the 27th of February 1986, Jenni Farley was born in East Greenbush, York, of Spanish-Irish descent and American nationality. The 35-year-old reality TV star was married to Roger Mathews for four years.

The former married couple had two children and decided to co-parent to provide their children’s needs and support. In 2019, they were officially divorced due to irreconcilable differences.

Jersey Shore Cast Jenni Farley
Jenni Farley

Jenni Farley is currently engaged with Zach Clayton Carpinello for almost a year now, since February 27, 2021. She announced their engagement by posting their picture on Instagram with a caption that describes where the proposal happened, then she mentioned her fiancé, Zach Clayton, at the end of the caption.

Her ex-husband, Roger Mathews, supported JWOWW’s current love life. According to Mathews, Zach Clayton is a quiet guy. Although he knew little about him, he knows that Zach Clayton is good with JWOWW and his children, Meilani and Greyson.

That is what matters to him. Jenni Farley is rumored to be pregnant with her 3rd child and her first child with her fiancé, Zach Clayton. The fans assume that she is pregnant as she gives through pictures she recently posted on her social media accounts.

JWOWW has been working as a reality star for more than a decade. She had a lot of parts in several reality series and indie films. She also has her own tanning lotion line, JWOWW, available on amazon. As of 2022, the reality TV star has a net worth of $4 million.

Vinny Guadagnino Net Worth

Vinny Guadagnino is one of the original housemates in the reality TV series ‘Jersey Shore.’ He is best known for being a good innocent guy who follows his fellow housemates’ lead to ladies in the series. He usually avoids the worst situation because he doesn’t want to be involved.

He temporarily left the Jersey Shore due to mental health issues, but his absence didn’t take long as he returned immediately to the reality TV series.

Vinny Guadagnino has a total net worth from $3 million (last year) to $5 million (as of 2022) on his career as a reality TV star. After Jersey Shore, Vinny G co-wrote with Samantha Rose and published their book ‘Control The Crazy.’ He also hosts his own MTV show, ‘The Show with Vinny,’ where he welcomed his celebrity guests in his home and prepared homemade Italian meals for them.

Recently, he is hosting his podcast, ‘Get Into It with Vinny G,’ where he talks about comedy, dating and relationships, food, politics, pop culture, sports, and self-meditation with friends, family, and other celebrities as his guests.

Jersey Shore Cast, Vinny Guadagnino
Vinny Guadagnino

Vinny Guadagnino is a native of Staten Island. He turned 34 years old on the 11th of November. Like most of his housemates, he is also Italian with American nationality. He is known for his nicknames: Twiggy, Keto Guido, and Vinny G.

The 34-year-old reality TV star is currently living his single life. The rest of his fandom is confused about his love life recently. He appeared on a reality TV series, ‘Double Shot at Love,’ where he met and matched with Akielia Rucker.

The matched couple were supposed to date during the series and tested them not to meet face-to-face on its 3rd season. Unfortunately, the format method of dating doesn’t work on Vinny G. After the finale season of Double Shot at Love, Vinny G cleared the situation by announcing there was no romantic relationship between him and Akielia Rucker.

Instead, both are friends, and he sees her as a “cool person.” Vinny G also stated that the reality series’s dating format doesn’t guarantee a person to have a serious relationship. Hence, it was just a social experiment. Despite that, he is willing to participate in more reality series with a similar format.

Jionni LaValle Net Worth

Jionni LaValle was introduced in the reality TV series Jersey Shore when he hooked up with Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi in its 3rd season. In the following season, Jionni and Snooki surprised the whole gang regarding their relationship. They never expected the two to turn into something serious after that night during the previous season. The couple is currently married and has their own family together.

The 34-year-old reality TV star was born Italian in East Hanover, New Jersey, on the 20th of March. He never dreamed about being a reality TV star, and he isn’t a fan of the spotlight. According to ti Jionni LaValle, even though his wife is a reality TV star, he will always refuse to appear on TV because he doesn’t like to be part of it.

By his statement, he sounds like he is a private man. Since he’s married to a reality TV star, it is inevitable for him to keep his whole life confidential.

Jersey Shore Casts, Jionni Lavalle and Nicole Snooki
Jionni Lavalle and Nicole Snooki

On the other hand, Jionni LaValle is an entrepreneur. Before, he had an ATM business and a shirt business named ‘NU Fatman.’ Jionni LaValle is currently handling his quote-designed-shirt business, ‘Lavalle’s Man Cave,’ related to his favorite sport, golf. As of 2022, the businessman has approximately or more than $200 thousand net worth.

Monica Pinto Net Worth

Monica Pinto is an actress, model, director, and producer. She is famously known for owning an art & entertainment company, Hypmosis Visuals, which encourages youth to be what they truly want to be. There is no specific date, but Monica Pinto was born in 1993. She is originally from Miami, Florida, but they moved to New Jersey when she was eight.

While she was at the age of 4, Monica Pinto started his career as a young actress and had her first appearance in Nickelodeon. Later on, she became consistent in her career and launched her own entertainment company, Hypmosis Visuals, where she casts talents in singing, dancing, acting, and modeling.

Her company is famously known for casting artists, including A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Becky G, DJ Khaled, J Cole, J Balvin, The Jonas Brother, and more. As of 2022, Monica Pinto has a net worth of $1 million.

Jersey Shore Cast Monica Pinto
Monica Pinto

Although she is not part of the cast, Monic appeared in the reality series to hang out with some of the housemates through camping. That was the moment when Pauly D and Vinny G pulled their greatest prank on the history of Jersey Shore. 

Jersey Shore Cast Networth 2022