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Jessica Lowe Wikipedia. Her Age and Biography Facts

When talking about some of the up and rising comedians, Jessica Lowe quickly climbs up the ranks. Jessica Lowe is a budding American actress, a former writer, and a life-long sketch comedian. But most importantly, people often recognize Jessica for her tipsy work in movies like Blended (2014), Wrecked (2016-2018), and Bob’s Burgers (2015-2016).

Jessica Lowe is always alive at the moment, and her simple ways of injecting comedy in every sentence she speaks are what makes her a fan favorite.

Jessica Lowe Real Age and Birthday

Various sources claim that Jessica’s actual age is 21 as of 2021. It seems that Jessica Lowe celebrates her birthday on the 21st of February and her birth year is 2000.

Meet Her parents and Early Life

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lowe in Samoa, United States, Jessica’s childhood days were one to remember for the 21-year-old. Though Jessica never revealed her parents’ names, she still very much posts pictures of them on social media on numerous occasions. Recently, Jessica gave her father a haircut by herself during the imposed lockdown.


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Though Jessica’s hometown is in Samoa, her parents raised her in Albuquerque after shifting places. Jessica would often be on the streets playing or hanging out with local boys from a young age. Some have even called Jessica a tomboy as she grew up.


Before joining the university, Jessica studied in high school and actively participated in extra-curricular activities. Jessica was an active member of the debate clubs, speech honor society, and National League.

Completion of high school meant that Jessica was pursuing further studies at Northwestern University. While at Northwestern, Jessica took part in plays and was the performer and director of the Mee-Ow-show, a play that took place on the university’s premises.

Additionally, Jessica Lowe joined the Groundlings school and Upright Citizens Brigade to improve her acting skills further. By 2009, Jessica got to work as a writer and actress for Amsterdam’s Boom Chicago.


At 21 years of age, Jessica has already been walking a successful path as an actress. At only 15 years of age, Jessica made her debut in the movie Blended, where she played the character of Ginger. Along with this, Jessica could also work alongside celebrities like Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

American actress, Jessica Lowe
Young multi-talented American actress, writer, sketch comedian, and voice artist, Jessica Lowe.

Perhaps a short video that Jessica released on YouTube titled Drunk Yoga Instructions got her into Blended. But during the time after that, Jessica tried her hands in sketch comedy and had brief appearances in television series like College Humor Originals, Man Seeking Woman, and Backseat Bitches.

The year 2015 saw Jessica starring as a cast member for the TV show One Big Happy. Similarly, since 2017, Jessica featured in a comedy series by TBS known as Wrecked. The show’s contents and Jessica’s super hit acting made the show a success, leading to a second season.

Jessica Lowe Height and Body Measurements

Jessica Lowe is comparatively shorter than most American actresses. But her short height is what makes Jessica a cute individual. At present, the 21-year-old comedian stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches. Similarly, this gorgeous blonde with blue eyes weighs 60 kgs. Talking about her overall body measurements, Jessica has a bust size of 34 inches, a waist size of 24 inches, and a hip size of 33 inches.

Net Worth

Usually, mid-level prominent comedians sign contract that allows them to earn a sum of money equal to $59k a year. Jessica Lowe must have an income of a similar range as well. Moreover, sources claim that Jessica has a net worth of $850k as of 2021.


Other than anything, Jessica’s relationship is very complicated. Jessica’s sense of humor is alone enough to sway any man. However, finding a soul mate has proven to be difficult for the Wrecked actress.

Jessica had a boyfriend named Nick back in high school, which looked to be her first date. Moreover, Jessica shared a photo of her and Nick going to their high school prom.

But in 2013, Jessica revealed in a Twitter post that she was dating a private investigator at the time. Her then-boyfriend was a proctologist.

It did not take long for Jessica to break up with her former boyfriend, as just a year later, Jessica indirectly revealed that she was single and dating herself at the moment.

The quest for finding a proper mate didn’t stop as Jessica was once more in an on-off relationship with her ex-boyfriend Jonathan Lonegan in January 2018.

But now, it seems that Jessica has finally found the right man. For more than three years, Jessica has been dating a man named Chris Alvarado. Chris is a comedian, just like Jessica and the two seem to have a matching sense of humor. Moreover, Chris and Jessica are in a living relationship with two dogs as pets. The good news is that it is only a matter of time before Jessica and Chris officiate their marriage.

Young multi-talented American actress, Jessica Lowe with boyfriend Chris Alvarado.

Social media

Jessica is always active on social media. So far, the 21-year-old has 22.5k followers on Instagram and nearly 10k followers on Twitter. Moreover, Jessica’s social media is like an open book about her life as the page reveals most of her daily routine that she shares with her fans. It was through Instagram only that we came to know about Jessica and Chris’s love story. Usually, Jessica posts pictures related to her life and work, but Jessica’s posts never have a dull moment.

Young multi-talented American actress, Jessica Lowe