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Jihi: Her Face Revealed. Her Real Name and Biography

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Jihi is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber from the United States. Despite the fact that the gamer keeps her personal life private, her followers have stood by her. Meanwhile, her fans are genuinely curious about her Biography and anxiously anticipate major revelations from her. Let’s disclose her personal details of the screen through this article.

Who is Jihi? Age and Biography

Jihi is a social media sensation and Twitch streamer. She is well-known for being a self-taught artist who weaves her arts together. Her voice is incredibly endearing, which has captivated the majority of her fans. Fans are astonished by her outlandish attitude and fantastic gaming skills.

Jihi is an American by birth, Jihi was born and raised in the United States of American. Similarly, she was born in the year 1996 and her age is 25 years old. Likewise, recent reports have suggested that she celebrates her birthday on September 22nd. From her social media, it can be clearly understood that she is an artist and likes to do digital arts. Other details about her parents and personal life are very confidential, and she seems to withhold that information from her fans and followers.

Did Jihi Reveal her Face?

The streamer has not shown her face. But, she has used the profile image Goblin on all of her social media sites. Nonetheless, her fans are anxiously awaiting the day when she would unveil her true identity. She once played a Twitter hoax, tweeting,

“I’m gonna yo stream right now with face cam on.”

She also included a link to a streaming video in the comments section.

Regardless, it was a joke she played on April 2nd. Many of her fans were disappointed when they learned the date. Jihi’s tweets, on the other hand, show that she is a witty and amusing person.

Despite the fact that her followers have not seen her face, they have heard her child-like sweet voice, which has won many hearts. Her amusing tweets and lovely voice make her fans even more eager to see her.

Jihi uses the profile image Goblin

What is her Birth Name?

Jihi birth name can be assumed to be Jihi Chan as she has not mentioned her original name anywhere on social media. It is rumored that she is trying to be anonymous and has kept her private details confidential and has not been revealed to any media or third party.

Her Relationship Status

The streamer in her 20s is always seen streaming with a single-tone voice. She hasn’t mentioned her boyfriend or partner, so it’s safe to assume she’s single. Also, her social media use and her posts have no trace of her boyfriend. Hence, we can conclude that the Twitch streamer is yet to find the love of her life.

Social Media Activities

Jihi, sometimes known as Jihichan, is a Twitch streamer with over 1.8K followers. Jihi is also well-known on other social media platforms. She has 64.3K followers on Twitter, where she goes by the handle @jihi chan. She very recently joined the platform in 2015 and already has over 20k tweets. The streamer is also highly influential on Instagram, having 43k followers.

Jihi Chan Instagram profile

Moreover, @jihichan is her username on this social media platform. It can be observed that she has shared around 144 pieces of material with her followers.

She also showcases her artwork on Instagram, which is appreciated and enjoyed by the majority of her admirers. She primarily creates cartoon characters and animations. Jihi is a well-known YouTuber who also broadcasts her gameplay on the platform. She is presently collaborating with the CaRtOoNz YouTube channel.

Jihi and her face revealed