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JJ Da Boss Wiki: Net Worth, Occupation, Children, Wife

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JJ Da Boss is a reality TV personality famous in the racing scene. Jonathan Day (JJ’s real name) was born on August 10, 1993, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. At a very early age, JJ had much appreciation for muscle cars, and he and his friends had been competing using all vehicles they got in the streets of Arkansas and Memphis. 

His name became widely known because of an American reality TV series on Discovery Channel titled Street Outlaws: Memphis. JJ Da Boss is among the fastest guys in the world of car racing who battles with wheels, such as Ole Heavy and Ziptie. At first, because of problems involving money, he was not involved in any car racing event; however, after a while, he saw the breakthrough of street racing. With his trademark technique, he moves head-to-head with street racers stepping on the gas.

What does JJ Da Boss do for a living?

JJ Da Boss had a family business that he’s been helping for almost 20 years. After he graduated from high school, he took over the business and began a profession as a roofer. He would work hard and use all of his income from the business to repair a broken-down car. And that hobby led to his car repairing, servicing, and racing profession. 

He enjoyed bargaining, purchasing, and selling old vehicles. The ’66 Chevrolet II Nova was the first racing car he altered. He had a 402 big-block engine that he acquired from a Bob truck and placed it in his Chevy. 

Besides being the leading man of the TVprogram, Street Outlaws, JJ has a car shop, where he refurbishes and transforms vehicles for clients in their preference, plus sharing some helpful pointers for the ideal performance of their cars. 

Nevertheless, his biggest source of livelihood is his appearance in the “Street Outlaws: Memphis” program. He makes money both from the production network and from the competitions he won in the series.

JJ Da Boss on Street Outlaws

No one beats Memphis in the matter of street racing! JJ’s show, Street Outlaws: Memphis, has earned tremendous fame and has obtained consistent and reasonable returns. 

He has a team of professional drivers that are not only about speed but also tricksters who aren’t scared to play a bit dirty to bring in the money, and Da Boss is, without a doubt, the best trickster of the Memphis team. It’s best to watch your ass when you’re wagering with him, or you might go home with nothing. 

JJ Da Boss on Street Outlaws
A reality TV personality, JJ Da Boss

JJ has been characterized as very passionate and madly enthralled with the charm of speed racing. The thrill and excitement that goes with speed is something that Da Boss has felt that he perhaps can’t live without. JJ has dedicated almost 30 years of his life to car racing and will continue as long as he exists. 

Jonathan Day and his groups of car racers brought back familiar faces in the streets in the latest and newest season of Street Outlaws: Memphis. JJ Da Boss has called some top West Coast racers out to battle his team. JJ’s team will be tested to determine if they really are the best racers in this area as they traveled to Las Vegas for hard-line car racing.

JJ Da Boss net worth

As of this year, JJ Da Boss has an estimated net worth of $2 million. As reported by thе Dераrtmеnt оf Lаbоur’ѕ Вurеаu оf Lаbоur Ѕtаtіѕtісѕ, he haѕ а yearly income of $40,210 and a salary of $166,400. He has accumulated substantial wealth through Street Outlaws: Memphis. Besides the TV show, he has produced a great source of income from his car shop.


The Memphis boss is happily married to Tricia Day, a racer and a member of JJ Da Boss’ team. 

Tricia Day was born on August 10, 1973, in Memphis, United States. People gave her the nickname Midget (due to her height) or street racing queen since she’s one of the fastest female car racers around. Just like her husband, she grew up in the world of street racing. Often, she and JJ Da Boss joined forces and won several street racing titles. Her name and popularity increased together with her standing on the streets. 

 Despite being a TV star, she has always chosen to have some personal data away from the public.

JJ Da Boss with his Wife, Tricia Day
JJ Da Boss, along with his wife, Tricia Day

How many children does JJ Da Boss have?

JJ Da Boss gives his all when it comes to his family. You will frequently see him with several kids at some match applauding and rooting for him. Those are his children. 

Well, as of this date, he has 11 kids and five grandchildren. He has four children with Tricia, and the rest are from his past relationship. He and Tricia have three daughters and a son, and they’re very young. 

JJ Da Boss with his Wife and Kids
JJ Da Boss with his Wife, Tricia Day, and Kids

His daughters are Vada, Aubrey, and Annaline; however, there is not much information about the youngest son. As far as we can tell, they refer to him as the ‘little JJ.’ His oldest son, Josh Day, is also making a name for street racing. The other kids’ names are still unknown.

JJ Da Boss Son Doughboy is following his Footsteps

Doughboy, or Josh Day, is the eldest son of JJ Da Boss. He is like a mirror image of his father, pursuing a career in the streets. It’s not a surprise that he’ll also choose this path since he was exposed to cars and racing tracks at a very young age.

Josh Doughboy Day, son of JJ Da Boss
Josh Doughboy Day, son of JJ Da Boss

Followers of the show first noticed Doughboy during its first season in its 22nd episode, which marked his first actual race. Da Boss invited their relatives to see if Josh was fully set to challenge the racecourse. The love for racing indeed runs in the blood, and JJ wouldn’t be displeased after watching his son hit the asphalt. 

Even though Josh didn’t reap all his matches, he has proven that he has the skills and talents, and people can expect more from him. He showed himself a competent racer and charmed many fans of Street Outlaws: Memphis. 

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