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Joanna Gaines Wiki: Her Age, Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Parents

Having a fancy-looking house is no longer a dream for many. Renovating old houses to modern ones is now possible that too at a lower rate. The person who could make this happen is Joanna Gaines. While many claims to do what Joanna does, no one compares to Joanna’s fame. Read this Wikipedia-type bio and know her age, net worth, and ethnicity right here.

For some time now, Joanna Gaines is the go-to person for people with average incomes who wish to give their homes a fancy look. Thanks to her show Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines has become the epitome of a small-budget big renovator. Who is her husband? Where are her parents? Stick with us till the end.

Joanna Gaines Wikipedia-Bio

Joanna Gaines is a popular American T.V. personality famous for co-hosting the show Fixer Upper. Outside of her fame, Joanna is a successful businessman and a top-tier Interior Designer. Joanna could express her talent to the world thanks to Fixer Upper, a redecorating house show.

With massive fame across the U.S., people book appointments with Joanna and have mostly been impressed by her. Similarly, Joanna’s admirable skills make her an idol for those youngsters who want to become a designer. Her Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.


Joanna did most of her studies in the local institutions of Texas. While Joanna’s high school name is not available, her undergraduate degree came from Baylor University, located at Waco in Texas state of the U.S.


Before T.V. Fame

The infamous T.V. star with her husband, Chip, were business partners soon after their marriage. Before the Gaines couple set out for a T.V. venture, their first line of business was to run a shop named Magnolia Market. Furthermore, Joanna was the one who designed this Magnolia Market, which is now a big company in Texas.

Before marrying, Joanna was already an Interior Designer and had her boutique as well.

Fixer Upper

During the spring of 2014, Joanna and her husband had already built tons of renovation experience. Fortunately, the HGTV producer came in with an offer for the business couple to showcase their talent live on the show Fixer Upper.

Fixer Upper proved to be a hit, and by the end of 2017, the show had the second-most views as a T.V. show. Additionally, this popular T.V. series went to have five seasons but not sixth as the couple wanted to focus on their kids. But now, Joanna and Chip are back again with a new season of their T.V. series and are once again busy remodeling the house on screen.

Off the Screen Profession

Outside T.V., Chip and Joanna add more home decorating items in the Magnolia Market and have merged Magnolia House bed and breakfast. Joanna also sells her custom-designed furniture for home decoration on her webpage Furthermore, Joanna also co-owns Magnolia Villas, a real estate business where the Gaines couple has their interior paints.

New York Times bestselling author, Joanna Gaines
Co-owner and co-founder of Magnolia, a New York Times bestselling author, and Editor in Chief of Magnolia Journal, Joanna Gaines.

In 2016, Joanna published her book titled The Magnolia Story, where they reveal the story of their struggles and ups downs of the business.

How Old is Joanna Gaines? Meet Her Parents and Siblings

Joanna Gaines is a native American from Texas born in Waco. The Fixer Upper’s star was the daughter of a father named Jerry Stevens, whereas her mother is Nan Stevens. Furthermore, Joanna also has two sisters who were raised together. The two siblings of Joanna are Teresa and Mary.

As for Joanna’s age, she is currently 43 as she is celebrating her birthday on April 19 and her birth year is 1978.

Joanna Gaines is Married to a Husband, Chip Gaines

Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines are some of the famous power couples of the T.V. industry. The passion of the Gaines couple for their work and wholesome moments with one another are what fans love to see.

Joanna Gaines with her husband
Joanna Gaines with her husband Chip Gaines.

First Meeting

Although Joanna and Chip went to the same university, the couple, unfortunately, didn’t meet there. However, their love story began when Chip’s vehicle had a brake failure. On that day, Chip visited Joanna’s father’s automobile shop, where Joanna was working. After a bit of chitchat, Joanna and Chip developed a liking for one another.

Married Life

Joanna called for the wedding bells with Chip Gaines in May of 2003 and is still living as a happy couple. However, the Gaines couple’s marriage photos and venue information are not yet available due to privacy.

Nonetheless, Clearly, Joanna and Chip have been loyal and faithful to one another. Also, the Fixer Upper stars are lucky enough to spend most of their together due to the same profession they have. Currently, Joanna lives with Chip in a lavish property in Texas with their children.

Joanna Gaines is the Mother of Five Children

Joanna and Chip have been a little busy lately making a huge family. Currently, the Gaines couple has five children, including three sons and two daughters. Not many may have noticed, but Joanna’s little ones also had a few T.V. screen times where they hugged their mom and played with their dad.

Chip Gaines with their five children
Joanna Gaines’s husband, Chip Gaines with their five children.

The eldest sibling out of all is Drake Gaines, who turns 17 this year. Two years after Drake was born, Joanna had a daughter who is now 15 years. Joanna kept her name as Ella Gaines. Following their second child, Joanna and Chip had another son Duke in 2007. After Duke, their fourth child was a daughter Emmie who turns 11 years old in 2021. Lastly, during the hiatus of the Gaines couple’s T.V. show, Joanna gave birth to her son Crew, the newest member of the family.

Joanna Gaines Ethnicity and Nationality

As Joanna is a native Texas woman, she holds U.S. citizenship and is of American nationality. However, Joanna is a multiracial woman with half Korean traits, and half mixed German and Lebanese as for her ethnicity.

Joanna Gaines Net Worth and House

Joanna Gaines has been massively successful in owning multiple businesses and T.V. shows with her husband. From the earnings from Fixed Upper and the profits obtained from the Magnolia franchise, Joanna has made an estimated net worth of $18 million.

Everyone knows that Joanna is a master at decorating houses, but there is also a question of how Joanna’s own house looks like. Indeed, Joanna’s house is the best one yet. The 43-year-old interior designer has done superbly to renovate her 1,700-square-foot long Victorian home that stands on 40 acres of land in Waco, Texas.

Every corner of Joanna’s house could make a person envy even more. However, Joanna’s house back then looked utterly different. The Gaines couple bought this 1895 farmhouse in 2012, and it was a complete mess. The whole project of renovating and redesigning their house took one and a half years, but it was a masterpiece in the end. Joanna’s house now accommodates a family of seven people and has a great layout on the ground floor.

Indeed, Joanna’s Waco residence has everything from a large master bedroom to European-themed decorations all over the house. Joanna’s Magnolia house also offers a rental for cations that costs $695 for a night and has a treehouse for the children on the farm.

How Tall is Joanna Gaines? Weight and Body Measurements

Joanna is indeed a beautiful woman gifted with countless physical beauty. Coupled with dark brown eyes and hairs is Joanna’s height which is 5 feet 7 inches. Similarly, Joanna weighs nearly 132 pounds and has a body measurement of 34, 28, and 35 Inches.

New York Times bestselling author, Joanna Gaines