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Joey Badass Net Worth, Age, Height

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A rapper, actor, and musician, Joey Badass has given a new definition of BADASS in the dictionary. Joey started his career in a freestyle rap mixtape, and it all went from there for him.

Now, has his first Youtube video got him to where he wants to be? What is his total net worth in 2021? Find out.

Who is Joey Badass?

Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott or Joey Bada$$ was a famous actor, musician, and rapper in the 20th century.

He was born in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, on January 20, 1995. His parents are from different countries; his maternal side is from the Caribbean Islands of Sta. Lucia, while his paternal side is Jamaican natives. As a result, Jo-Vaughn is the first of his family to be born with Caribbean blood in the United States.

Joey had first sights on becoming an actor, which he pursued by enrolling at Edward Murrow High School to practice. But he immediately turned to rap before going into 9th grade.

With interest in rapping, Joey decided to test the waters, and he did by uploading his freestyle track on Youtube. However, he did not know it would be the most crucial decision that he made in his life.

In 2010, Joey uploaded his track on Youtube. Later, the video was re-posted by the World Star Hip Hop through Jonny Shipes, the CEO of Cinematic Music Group.

Two years later, he made his stage name to JayOhVee, assembled a band out of similar artists like CJ Fly, Powers Pleasant, & Capital Steez, and called the band Progressive Era or Pro Era.

The band already released their first mixtape called The Secc$ Tap. E in February. In the same year, Capital Steez and Joey himself recorded a video for the show Survival Tactics and uploaded it on their video called PROfckingERA.

Several years later, Joey had released many singles out in public. These songs include 1999, Rejex, America, PEEP, Enter the Void, and so much more.

Not to mention, he did this with collaborations from famous artists like the late Mac Miller & Ab-soul. Joey’s dream has come to reality as he collaborated with his idols.

Surprisingly, Joey also influences on-screen shows. He was included in television shows like Grown-ish, Mr. Robot, Power Book III, and Boomerang.

Net Worth

Joey has a successful track record as a rapper and an actor, but he’s living the life. With the number of records and albums he’s released, it’s no doubt that Joey made tons of revenue from his releases. Joey’s current net worth amounts to $6,000,000.00.

Image of a rapper, actor, and musician, Joey Badass
A rapper, actor, and musician, Joey Badass


Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, known as Joey Bad4$$, was born on January 15, 1995, in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York.

As of 2021, he is currently at the young age of 26.


If you’re curious about his height, here are Joey Badaas’ measurements:

Age: 26

Height: 6’2

Weight: 75 kg

Eye & Hair Color: Black


Joey came from a humble beginning until he decided to go for it. His talent in rapping paid off as he is now one of the named rappers in the 21st century.

Joey Badass Net Worth, Age, Height