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John MacArthur Net Worth.

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John MacArthur is an American Pastor and Author. He is known to give teachings on the radio program, Grace to you. John MacArthur has published more than 30 books his whole life: Saved Without a Doubt, The Book on Leadership, and many more. Read to know John MacArthur Net Worth.

According to various sources, MacArthur has written nearly 400 books together with study guides. At the age of 80, he still has the strength to preach to the church.

He mainly preaches at Grace Community Church. We are going to be talking about the life of John MacArthur.

Career Detail.

John MacArthur had been an associate pastor since 1964. He worked at the Calvary Bible Church. It was initially known as Memorial Bible Church. His father, Jack MacArthur, was the one who started the church years ago. After serving at the Memorial Bible Church, he went to join the Talbot Theological Seminary, where he was a faculty rep.

In 1969, the Nondenominational Grace Community Church of Sun Valley had its third Pastor, John. He then started a radio broadcast called Grace to you.

In 1985, he was declared the President of Los Angeles Baptist College, which these days is known as The Master’s University. The following year, John founded The Master’s Seminary. By 2011, he had already completed his goal of preaching the entire New Testament from The Bible. John has also written and published several books.


John MacArthur has been an Author his entire life. In fact, he comes from a family of Pastors, so it is evident that he would follow the footsteps of his parents and great grandparents.


John has also succeeded as an author. He has been able to publish over 40 books. His books are mainly about The Word of God and Encouragement.

Pastor John McArthur Net worth.

He has been preaching the gospel since 1964. John’s annual salary is said to be about $160,000. He also earns from the books he wrote and published. For instance, the book, Strange Fire:

The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit with Counterfeit Worship is sold @10.91 on Amazon. He has many other books, so imagine how much he is earning as an author alone.

Image of Author, John MacArthur net worth
Caption: Author, John MacArthur net worth

Pastor John MacArthur has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

Wiki bio, and facts.

Full name John Fullerton MacArthur Jr.
Age 80 years old
Date of Birth 19th June 1939
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, United States
Profession Pastor, Author
Net worth $14 Million
Wife Patricia MacArthur
Kids 4
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Parents Jack, Irene MacArthur

John Fullerton MacArthur was born on 19th June 1939 in Los Angeles, California, to Jack and Irene MacArthur. He is married to Patricia MacArthur. The married couple has four children together and fifteen grandchildren.

Image of John MacArthur with his wife Patricia MacArthur
Caption: John MacArthur with his wife, Patricia MacArthur

Pastor John has four social media accounts, which he mostly uses to spread the gospel and give sermons.

  • Instagram- @gracetoyou with 71.9k followers
  • Facebook-@JohnMacArthurGTY with 494.2k followers
  • YouTube- @Grace to you with 353k subscribers
  • Twitter-@johnmacarthur with 194.7k followers.
Image of John MacArthur Net worth.