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John Paul Tremblay’s Wife Andrea Tremblay, His net worth.

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John Paul Tremblay is the creator and actor of one of our most favorite comedy franchises ‘Trailer Park Boys.’ Meet his wife Andrea Tremblay and know his net worth.

Who is John Paul Tremblay? Bio

John Paul Tremblay is a writer, actor, and comedian, from Canada most notable for portraying all those roles in the hit series and movie franchise of ‘Trailer Park Boys‘ where he plays the role of an ex-con, Julian.

He was born on May 17, 1968, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Tremblay grew up in the suburbs of Cole Harbor, Dartmouth.

John became good friends with future co-star Robb Wells who also hails from the same locality and even went to the same high school and Tremblay.

The two would continue to remain friends until they were adults. Together, their first business venture came not in films and TV but in pizza chain restaurants by JR Capone’s name in the Prince Edward Islands.

He would then write up the script of ‘Trailer Park Boys‘ with Robb Wells and Mike Smith, which initially came out in 1999 but under low-budget production. The story later became a part of a series that ran from 2001 to 2008.

The series was also renewed and brought to Netflix in 2014, where it is still running. The latest season, 2019-2020, features them as an animated series after the story follows them getting abnormally high on hallucinogen mushrooms.

Furthermore, there were several special episodes of the series. Moreover, the series got another shot at a movie in 2006 with ‘Trailer Park Boys: The Movie.’

John Paul Tremblay’s Net Worth.

Trailer Park Boys franchise remains the primary source of earning for John Paul Tremblay.

Along with the series, specials, and the 2006 film, it also had several other TV films and sequels like ‘Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Days‘ in 2009 and ‘Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It‘ in 2014. Tremblay also appeared in several other series like ‘Archer‘ and ‘Snakes and Ladders.’

He has also appeared in movies like ‘Gracie’s Choice’ and ‘A Hole in One.’

Photo of John Paul Tremblay and his co-star, Mike Smith and Robb Wells.
John Paul Tremblay with co-star and friends, Mike Smith and Robb Wells.

He and his Trailer Park Guys cast members also began performing live in ‘Drunk, High and Unemployed‘ across the country in a US tour. John Paul Tremblay holds an impressive net worth throughout his career, even if it may seem concentric.

His net worth is approximately $2 million as of 2014. His net worth may have grown even further in recent years because, along with his TV career, Tremblay also owns several other businesses around their home region, Halifax.

Tremblay and his TPB co-stars Mike Smith and Rob Wells also together own several properties as business partners.

They own and host an online comedy network, SwearNet,’ which has also come out in a movie format. They also own several alcoholic beverage companies like Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky and beer, Freedom 35 lager.

It is also with no surprise that the trio is already in cahoots with Organigram Inc. of New Brunswick to sell marijuana as soon as it becomes legal.

They are also the owners of a Halifax landmark, Economy Shoe Shop Cafe, and Bar as well as the live-music venue, Seahorse Tavern space with a couple of other friends as partners.

All of this would mean that John Paul Tremblay’s net worth should at least be over $3 million in 2020.

Is John Paul Tremblay Still Married to Wife Andrea Tremblay?

John Paul Tremblay was formerly married to a woman by the name of Colleen Feeney as we remember learning about her when ‘Trailer Park Boys: The Movie‘ was just releasing in 2006.

However, it seems that their marriage was over a long time before the movie ever came out, the details of which are not available to the public.

He is currently enjoying a second marriage with his wife, who is Andrea (née Hurley) Tremblay.

They married in April 2002 and have 3 children, two sons, and one daughter, namely, Ricky, Joanne, and Phoenix. This is all that we know about his married life for now.

Photo ofJohn Paul Tremblay and his wife, Andrea.
John Paul Tremblay with wife, Andrea Tremblay.

Who is John Paul Tremblay’s Wife, Andrea Tremblay?

John Paul Tremblay’s wife, Andrea Tremblay, lives a pretty secretive life that we don’t know much about his wife, Andrea Tremblay. She is quite active on Twitter.

It is through there we got to learn some interesting things about her. Apparently, her husband, John Tremblay, takes her to Inn on the Lake Hotel in Halifax for a cinnamon-crusted ice cream martini for their anniversary, making it clear that the couple still keeps the magic between them alive.

Photo of John Paul Tremblay's wife, Andrea, and children
John Paul Tremblay’s wife, Andrea, with their children.

We also learned from her that their daughter, Joane, had a short appearance on the Trailer Park Boys season 9 episodes.

Finally, in 2018, her husband’s co-star and friend Mike Smith was facing a boycott from musicians and several other people, particularly on his steam-punk theme bar and music venue, Sniggily Wiggily.’

When a Twitter user pointed out the bar’s name’s urban meaning to be a sexual act, Andrea quickly came to his defense, writing that the name came from something her youngest son, Phoenix, used to say as a kid without any references or meaning.

Image of renowned artist, John Paul Tremblay