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Joji Net Worth, Real Name, Gay, Age.

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Joji is an Australian-Japanese songwriter, singer, rapper, writer, and record producer. He truly has a whole lot of talents and interests. The musician is famously known for being Filthy Frank. Read this to know Joji Net Worth.

Apart from being a singer, he is also a comedian. His career became successful when he first started posting videos on youtube. One of the artist’s most notable tracks is called, ‘Slow dancing in the dark.’

The video was such a success that it accumulated over 146million views. As you read, you will get to know more about the artist: his real name, age, sexuality, and career info.

Joji’s Real name, family, and Parents.

Joji is formally known as George K Miller. The mixed-race YouTuber was born in Japan to his Australian mother and Japanese father. Their identity remains unknown.

His family then moved back to the states and settled in Brooklyn. The Japanese musician confessed to losing his parents at the age of eight and that he was raised by his Uncle Frank.

There had been rumors about how that information could have been false because he did not want his parents to go through internet harassment.

Joji Net worth.

His good performance is reflected in his net worth. We can tell that he’s making good money. The musician has other side jobs like selling t-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies.

Also, he earns $40,000 per month in his other businesses. Joji Miller’s net worth is estimated to be $6million as of 2020.

Image of Songwriter, Jojji net worth
Caption: Songwriter, Joji net worth

Not forgetting he has over 6million viewers, which is more money for him. Taking a look at his successful career, we are fit to say that the musician will grow exponentially with time.

After all, YouTube is a great way to earn money if you have a significant following on your platform. Some of the top YouTubers rake in well over $20 million! We are talking about the likes of Pewdie Pie and Logan Paul though the latter’s infamy has perhaps slowed him down.


Joji’s youtube career began as a joke. With time, he started getting more viewers. It encouraged him to make more funny videos. At the time, he went by the name Filthy Frank.

Later on, the Japanese star decided to put his comedy videos in youtube aside and concentrate on his music. He left a mark on his viewers’ hearts after creating internet memes, which went viral.

Image of Rapper, Joji
Caption: Rapper, Joji

In September 2017, he wrote and published the book ‘Francis of the filth.’ The author has now released various albums. Right now, he is signed with 88 rising. Some of his albums include; Pink Guy, Pink Season: in tongues, Joji, and the prophecy. His music is said to be lo-fi and trip-hop.

Joji has collaborated with artists such as Major Lazer, Swae Lee, and Jackson Wang. In 2014, Joji admitted to having a brain condition and that he would be off social media.

In 2018, his album, Ballards, was the number one in Billboard’s top R&B and hip-pop chart. That, of course, made him the first Asian to do so.

George Miller separates his two music projects. As Pink Guy, he raps while as Joji, he sings normal music. For a single guy, he sure has a lot of nicknames. He confessed to secretly planning to produce for a rapper in 88 rising known as Keith Ape.

Joji gay?

There have been rumors that the singer is gay; however, there is no proof about that. So far, it just remains an unsubstantiated report.

It is so hard to keep track of Joji’s personal life, despite the fact that he likes to post about his life. It has been rumored that Lily Maymac, an Australian Instagram model, is one of the YouTuber’s closest friends.

The two have been posting pictures together, looking all cute and cozy. Could she be the Japanese star’s girlfriend? Only time will tell.

Joji Age, Birthdate, wiki facts.

Full name George Kusunoki Miller
Age 27 years old
Date of Birth 18th September 1992
Place of Birth Osaka Japan
Profession Rapper, songwriter, record producer
Net worth $6million
Nationality Japanese / Australian
Ethnicity Asian
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents N/A

 George Kusunoki Miller is an Australian Japanese musician famously known for his song, Slow dancing in the dark. He was born in Osaka, Japan, on 18th September 1992 but grew up in Brooklyn, United States.

Caption: Joji famous song Slow dancing in the dark

George is 5ft8inches tall and probably over 70kg. The details about his family have not been disclosed. It’s amazing how the simple YouTuber turned into a well-known musician. His Instagram is @sushitrash. He has 4.7million followers.

Image of Joji net worth, real name, gay, Age.