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Ron Sturgeon Wife. Net Worth, Wikipedia.

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The multi-millionaire Junkyard Ron Sturgeon is a self-made man. He was left with nothing but $2000 and a Volkswagen bug with half interest when his father died. His father passed away when Ron was at Richland High. Ron and his twin brother were left homeless at that time. Ron Sturgeon had no other option but to learn and fix his Volkswagen. Meet Ron Sturgeon’s wife and know his net worth.

Today, Ron owns several companies making him worth $75 million. Let’s get to learn more about his interesting personality.

Junkyard Ron Sturgeon Wikipedia.

The American motor repair specialist was born in Birmingham, Alabama. Ron taught himself to repair and fix cars and later opened his VW Beetle repair workshop in 1973. They called it AAA Bug Service. This helped Ron to support his brother after their father’s death. In no time, the workshop progressed, and it grew to sell auto parts and body works. By 1978, the company was making a profit of $15 million per year.

In 1999, Ford made an offer with Ron, hence, selling his business for $14 million. With his money, Ron progressed on to following his dreams of investing in real estate.

After Ron sold his company to Ford, he established North Texas Insurance Auction. Founded by Ron and his other three partners, he later sold the company to Copart, and re-bought Ford’s salvage division, Greenleaf. He later sold the division to Schnitzer Industries after increasing its value.

In 2016, Automotive Recyclers Association awarded Ron with the lifetime achievement award. Ron also made his appearance in the recent CNBC hit, Blue Collar Millionaires.

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The multi-millionaire Ron Sturgeon
Well-known multi-millionaire Ron Sturgeon

Ron Sturgeon in American Pickers

On the History channel, junkyard Ron Sturgeon appeared in the show American Pickers on June 14, 2021.

Ron has had a habit of collecting auto parts and rare toys for over forty years. This news caught the interest of American Pickers Mike Wolfe and his brother, Rob Wolfe. When they figured out that some auto parts and rare toys were in the sale, they could not stop themselves from stepping into DFW Elite Toy Museum on their way to Texas. To their surprise, Ron introduced them to his breathtaking collection of high-end toys.

Rob mentioned that the Wolfe brothers were cool to hang out with. He even sold a few of his items from the collection to the brothers. Rob and the Wolfe brothers have respect for each other and also for those people who love collecting antiques with stories.

Ron Sturgeon Net Worth: $75 Million.

As of celebrity net worth, this blue-collar millionaire is worth $75 million as of 2021. According to Dallas News, Ron owns 14 classic and supers luxury cars. They include a Ferrari F430, a Bentley Continental GT, an Audi R8, and two vintage BMW Isettas.

Ron Sturgeon is also fond of collecting cars. Among his 3,000 bad boys, half are displayed in his office at Haltom City.

He also owned a DFW Elite Auto Rental for three years. This company rented exotic supercars, charging them up to $2,000 a day. During its prime, the company owned 56 cars worth $5 million. Ron had to shut down the company as the economy went down.

Ron Sturgeon Wife: Still Dating a Girlfriend.

The wealthy Ron Sturgeon is unmarried. However, an article published by Dallas news in 2017 mentioned that Ron had a girlfriend named Linda Allen. They were together for almost a decade then.

Blue collar Millionaire, Ron Sturgeon and his girlfriend
Blue-collar Millionaire Ron Sturgeon and his girlfriend, Linda Allen

In addition, Ron mentioned that his life was all about traveling and surviving. Indeed, the couple made 165 trips together.

Ron does not have any children. However, he has three dogs that he takes care of as if they were his offspring. Ron calls them Willy, Dixie, and Lance.

And guess what? You’d be amazed to know that Ron is planning to leave behind all his fortune in the name of these three dogs.

Well-known multi-millionaire Ron Sturgeon