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Justin Chamber’s wife Keisha Chambers Age Children Wiki Biography

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Keisha Chambers is a fifty years old American model trainer. She is famously known for being the wife, Justin Chambers, a renowned actor primarily known for his cast on Grey’s Anatomy, a Drama reality show. The marriage between Justin and Keisha is a perfect yardstick that can be used to prove that even celebrities can sustain a relationship with no controversies. Keisha has been the ideal wife and the best mother for their five children. This article is about her, her biography, and facts.

Justin Chambers and Wife Keisha Chambers’ Marriage.

Keisha and Justin in their line of work, he was a model for Calvin Klein while she worked for a modeling agency. Justin was still not famous. They fell in love and got married in the year 1993. There have never been reports of any scandal in their marriage and no sign of divorce.

They are quite compatible and very supportive of the humble days until they became this famous. They have been together for 27 years and still counting.

Image of Keisha Chambers with her husband Justin Chambers
Caption: Keisha Chambers with her husband Justin Chambers

Keisha Chambers is a mother of five children.

Keisha has a blessed womb that has brought forth twins, a relatively uncommon phenomenon. She has four daughters and one son. One year after their wedding, in 1994, she gave birth to her firstborn daughter, Isabella.

She then had Kalia and Maya, the twins in 1997, after which she had her last daughter, 30th March 1999. In 2002, she had her last born child, a son named Jackson. He closed that chapter. The family of seven is living a happy life in their house in Los Angeles, California.

Image of Keisha Chamber with husband Justin along with their kids
Caption: Keisha Chambers with husband Justin along with their kids

Net worth.

The average earning of a model trainer is estimated to be around 85K per month. That is the approximate amount Justin Chambers’ wife Keisha Chambers makes. Her net worth amount is unknown, and however, together with her husband, their family net worth is estimated to be 20 million USD. Despite leaving Grey’s Anatomy show, Justin had earned a good salary for the period he was on the show, and that boosted his net worth quite significantly.

Age and Date of Birth.

Keisha was born in 1970 in London, Ohio, USA. The date and month she was born are unknown. She is an American citizen by birth and belongs to African American ethnicity. It is said that she has two elder brothers, their names are unknown. Keisha was brought up in a humble middle-class family, and her parents ran a shop for survival.

Social Media.

Having a famous husband, Keisha, chose to keep a low profile. After giving up on her dream to become a model agent, she settled to be a model trainer, a good mother to her children, and the best wife to her husband. She does not have any accounts in any of the social media platforms. Her husband has a verified Instagram account with 2.1 million followers, but it’s pretty dormant with only 19 posts. It looks like this family resolved to abstain from social media.

Fun Facts.

After having five children, Keisha decided not to give birth again but went ahead and increased the population in the house by adopting two more dogs, for more company.

One of her daughters, Ava, has turned out to be a musician. She started producing music in 2018 with two of her friends. Their group is named Pinky Pinky.

To ensure they stay fit, Keisha and her husband does yoga and have maintained a strict diet.

Keisha Chambers Wiki and Facts.

Full name Justin Chambers
Age 50 Years old
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth London, Ohio, USA
Profession Model Trainer
Net worth N/A
Husband Justin Chambers
Kids 5
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents N/A
Image of Justin Chamber’s wife Keisha chambers Age Children Wiki Biography