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Justin Ryan Simpson Wiki Biography and Facts about OJ Simpsons’ son

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Justin Ryan Simpson is a 33 years old American realtor and entrepreneur. He is famously known for being the youngest child of renewed NFL player, OJ Simpson. However, Justin chose not to ride on his father’s already built fame though tainted with controversies but paved his way to become known, not in sports, but real estate business. The fact that his father did not raise him could be the reason he did not join sports, OJ could have natured the talent Justin had inherited from him. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Justin’s life, including how he became a millionaire.

Relationship with his father, OJ Simpson.

Last born children always have a soft spot in every family, whether big or small. They still enjoy a bit more privileges compared to their elder siblings. However, there are always some cases where the situation is different, and that is where Justin Ryan Simpson found himself.

Having worked so hard to build a name for himself by playing for the national football league, being a broadcaster and an actor, OJ took a wrong and regrettable turn that ruined all his success.

On 12th June 1994, his wife, Nicole, Justin’s mother, and her friend were found murdered. OJ was the first suspect to be taken in. This happened merely two years after the two had divorced. O.J Simpson’s son Justin was six years when his mother died. Together with his elder sister and three siblings, Justin was raised by his grandparents since his father was put on trial.

He was set free in 1995 but was later charged in 1997 and had to pay 33.5 million to the two families of those who he allegedly killed. In 2008, he was again accused of robbery with violence. This time he was sentenced for 33 years jail term; however, he was released on parole in 2017.

Image of Justin Simpson and O.J Simpson
Caption: Justin Simpson and O.J Simpson

OJ’s soiled reputation not only destroyed his public image but also adversely affected his personal life, more so as a father. It is not clear if he has ever reconciled with Justin Ryan Simpson and his sister, even if he did not murder their mother.

They have led separate life, and this is evident by the career Justin chose to pursue. He has defied the odds and proved his wit and made a name for himself. We can say that he is a better version of his father.

Marriage and relationship details.

Having had experience with the media from an early age, Justin has covered all the loopholes that may lead to personal information about his life getting to the public. He lives a very private life. There have neither been rumors about him getting married to anyone, nor has he been linked to any partner in the past or present. It is not also clear whether he is gay or straight. Currently, he is singularly focused on his career.

Age, Family, and Siblings.

Justin Ryan Simpson was born on 6th August 1988 in California, USA. His mother’s name was Nicole Brown, a model, and actress, and his father’s name is Orenthal James Simpson, an NFL legend. His parents were highly celebrated in the 1980s since they were from different races. Justin had three sisters and one brother named Sydney Brooke, Arnell and Aaren, and Jason.

Image of Justin with his father OJ, mother Nicole along with brother Jason and sisters Sydney, Arnell and Aaren
Caption: Justin with his father OJ, mother Nicole along with brother Jason and sisters Sydney, Arnell, and Aaren

He attended Gulliver Preparatory School in Pinecrest, Florida, and later joined Florida State University, where he graduated in 2010 before kicking off his career. He is currently 31 years old, looking forward to 32nd early August 2020. His zodiac star is Leo.

Social Media.

Justin Ryan Simpson is not very active on social media, and he has a dormant Instagram page with only 89 followers. On its bio, he still mourns his mother, quite creepy. And it has zero posts, and you can hardly know it belongs to him if not for the name and profile photo.

He also has a Facebook page whose content about followers is hidden. It’s not a fan page, and it looks more like a personal account. He has no Twitter account and no YouTube channel.

Pet Dog

Justin doesn’t have any close friends other than his siblings and work. But seems like he a companion who welcomes him when he gets back from work. It’s a black dog. We could not determine whether it was male or female, but the bond between the two seemed to be tight.

Bodyweight and Height

Justin Ryan Simpson has a well-built athlete body. He has a very handsome look, probably because he a product of a mixture of black and white genes. His weight and height estimates are, however, unknown.

Net worth

Justin kept his head high and worked hard in the formal education that saw him attain a university degree. After graduating, he got his first job at Weichert Realtors as a real estate agent and broker. He was again employed by Coldwell Banker Realty in Florida, where he worked for four years, 2014 – 2018 on customer service. Having learned the business, he now has his company, Boulder Property Management, where he runs his business.

Image of Real Estate Broker, Justin Ryan Simpson net worth
Caption: Real Estate Broker, Justin Ryan Simpson net worth

This productive work has earned him a good net worth of 3 million as an accumulation of his salary and commission. He also owns a palatial three-bedroom house whose market value is more than 250,000 USD, among other properties. Justin Ryan Simpson has turned out to be the richest of all his siblings despite being the last born. He is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Justin is still young and has a promising career, and his net worth is yet to rise.

Justin’s  Wiki and Facts.

Full name Justin Ryan Simpson
Age 33 Years
Date of Birth 6th August 1988
Place of Birth California, USA
Profession Real Estate Broker
Net worth  $3 Million
Wife N/A
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Leo
Parents Orenthal James Simpson and Nicole Brown