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Karen Laine Weight Loss, Tattoos

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Karen Laine is a TV personality who features on the HGTV show ‘Good Bones.’ The show is based on improving homes and flipping them for a higher price. Karen stars in the show alongside her daughter Mina Starsiak.

Also an Instagram influencer, Karen received lots of positive comments when her fans noticed her weight loss. Laine also recently posted a picture on Instagram to show her weight loss results.

However, the images flaunted her fully tattooed back and torso, which was a key discussion for many fans. Today, we look further into Karen Laine’s weight-loss details and her tattoos.

Who is Karen Laine?

Karen Laine is a Social media and TV personality. She is a health-conscious woman who is actively working on her weight loss. She stars on the HGTV show ‘Good Bones,’ where the crew takes up old houses and works on them from scratch. In 2021, the TV personality has 149k followers on her Instagram handle.

Karen Laine weight loss
Stars on the HGTV show ‘Good Bones’, Karen Laine

Karen Laine weight Loss

In an Instagram post, one of Karen’s followers noticed her weight loss exploits. A flurry of questions was consequently aimed at Laine as people wondered what she was doing to maintain herself.

Furthermore, many fans also stated that she looked stunning and asked her to share her makeup secrets. Karen replied that she had started eating less to maintain her weight. And she used JFR high DEF foundation as a skincare routine.

Following the post, Karen started to post pictures of her body more often to show her progress. She mentioned a body sculpting method and posted before and after pictures of her progress in her Instagram handle.

The method Karen used for her weight maintenance and shaping up is btlaesthetics. It is one of the most tested non-invasive solutions for shaping, tightening, and treating the body aesthetically.

Inspired by the progress of Karen in her weight loss and body shaping journey, many fans have tried the ‘cool sculpting’ method with noticeable and positive changes. We can find many comments of approval by the followers for the matter in her Instagram.


Karen has impressive tattoos on her back and torso. She made them public in her Instagram handle when she posted about the results of her sculpting treatment.

With the revelation, she impressed many fans who commented positively on the post. Her tattoo features a picture of something similar to Dragons and fishes.

Image of a TV personality, Karen Laine