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Kassandra Rivera (Rosie River and Ex-Boyfriend’s Daughter) is Dating a Boyfriend?

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Kassandra Rivera is a social media influencer and celebrity child. Yes, she was famous long before she was born. Kassandra is the daughter of the reality star and writer Rosie River. Her mom is famed for her work on reality television, particularly on shows like ‘I Love Jenni.’

Besides that, Rosie has also penned several books. On her part, Kassandra has blossomed into a reputable influencer. Presently, Rosie and her former boyfriend’s daughter, Kassandra has over 236K followers on Instagram alone. Being only a teenager, her fanbase is set to increase as she gets older. Find out if Kassandra Rivera is dating a boyfriend or not.

Kassandra Rivera is Rosa River and her Ex-Boyfriend’s oldest Daughter.

Kassandra Rivera is the eldest daughter of Ricky and Rosa River. She was born back on the 17th of March 2003 in Los Angeles, which means she is still only 18-years old. Kassandra is ten years older than the middle child, Samantha, who is only 8-years old.

Furthermore, Rosa’s daughter is 12 years older than her brother Elias, who turned six this year. Being the eldest, it comes as no surprise that Kassandra is actively involved in her siblings’ lives. Her Instagram page is littered with pictures of her spending time with her younger siblings.

Kassandra Rivera with her step father and siblings

Who is Kassandra Rivera’s Father?

Kassandra Rivera’s father is a man named Ricky Rodriguez. He and Kassandra’s mother Rosa got together when the latter was still quite young, in her early 20s to be exact. While there isn’t a wealth of information to be explored regarding Ricky, we do know that he and his daughter are very close.

In fact, during Rosa’s ex-boyfriend’s birthday last year, Kassandra posted a picture of herself and Ricky when she was much younger. She captioned it,

‘Happy Birthday Papi, I love you.’

This is further proof that Ricky and his daughter, Kassandra, have maintained a healthy relationship over the years.

Kasssandra Rivera with her Father
Kassandra Rivera with her Father, Ricky Rodriguez

Is Kassandra River dating a Boyfriend?

Kassandra is still a young woman, that much is obvious. However, despite only being 18, she already has a boyfriend. An exploration of Kassandra’s Instagram story revealed that she and her boyfriend have been official for the past two months.

She posted a few pictures of the two of them out on multiple dates, including a trip to a hay festival. Moreover, Kassandra’s boyfriend is the romantic type. He regularly buys her flowers, as is evident from her Instagram page as well. Another thing we learned is that Kassandra’s boyfriend is a huge baseball fan. Currently, he supports the dodgers.

Kassandra Rivera boyfriend
Kassandra Rivera boyfriend
Rosie River and ex-boyfriend daughter, Kassandra Rivera