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Kavita Patel Wikipedia: Her Personal Life, Husband, Age, and Bio Facts

Dr. Kavita Patel is a physician and an internal medicine specialist hailing from South Asia. People came to know about Patel ever since she worked under the Obama Administration during Obama’s reign. As a former Office of Intergovernmental Affairs’ director of policy and White House public speaker, Patel has played many critical roles in designing and uplifting health care reform legislation.

Over the years, Patel’s diligent research works and healthcare system upgrades have not gone unnoticed, which is why Dr. Kavita has become a prominent figure.

Kavita Patel Wikipedia


Dr. Kavita is a well-educated being with impressive academic performance. Before becoming a talented doctor, Dr. Kavita did B.A. from the University of Texas. In 1997, Dr. Kavita also graduated from Baylor University Medical School.

As she aims to be a medicine specialist, Dr. Kavita had to apply for a medical degree and public health along the way. She did so by attending the University of Texas and acquired a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Health Science Center.

Furthermore, Dr. Kavita had also earned a master’s degree in health science research from the Los Angeles University of California in 2005.

Currently, Dr. Kavita is now at Johns Hopkins Medicine, learning skills for primary care physicians. Additionally, she is a clinical instructor at the Geffen School Of Medicine of UCLA.


Dr. Kavita has successfully achieved what she does and leads her professional life to the next level. From being a specialist in internal medicine to directing Clinical Transformation at The Brookings Institution’s Engelberg Center, Dr. Kavita has had an astounding career.

Primarily, Dr. Kavita’s major work comes as a medical leader of a team of doctors and nurses for treatment and diagnosis. Similarly, she also works as a guide in the Brookings Institution on policy and reforming fee structure. Furthermore, Dr. Kavita is an integral part of the team Dignity Health and co-founder of Tuple Health’s organization for nearly four years.

Image of physician Kavita patel
Physician and an internal medicine specialist, Kavita Patel.

But Dr. Kavita’s most prominent came when she served the White House under Obama Administration. At the time, Dr. Kavita was the director of policy at Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement. Likewise, Dr. Patel was very active with her role as an aide to Valerie Jett, former President Obama’s senior advisor. Similarly, Dr. Kavita also had a significant role in Capitol Hill, serving under Senator Edward Kennedy, where she was a trusted colleague and a great aide to the senator.

Furthermore, she was primarily responsible for evaluating and developing policies regarding healthcare reform, recovery, and finance regulations. The veteran physician later became the deputy staff director on health and an analyst of policy regarding health.

Along with working as a primary care physician, Dr. Kavita frequently contributes to NBC regarding medicinal news.

Kavita Patel Husband and Personal Life

Speaking of her private life, Dr. Kavita has been very secretive about it. Despite constantly being under the public’s eye, Dr. Kavita has done an excellent job maintaining low profile status.

Although she keeps quiet about her family to the media, Dr. Kavita was open about her family for once through Twitter. On October 2nd, 2020, she wrote about how she and her family felt during the pandemic. In the post, Dr. Kavita wrote that the virus has her family worried as her kids depend too much on their parents. Thus, Patel’s family is rigorous regarding the precautions and urges everyone to follow WHO guidelines.

Similarly, Dr. Kavita also glanced at the media about what type of person her husband is. Patel revealed that her husband is also a doctor and also technology guy. Furthermore, Dr. Kavita’s spouse often updates her with new technology advancements and warns her never to depend too much on technology to replace human’s normal attributes.

For now, Dr. Kavita and her family currently reside in Washington, D.C. Further details about Kavita and her husband’s married life are kept a secret.

Kavita Patel Age

Speaking of her age, Dr. Kavita Patel was born in 1974 and celebrated her birthday every year on March 4th. Hence, Patel is 47 years old as of 2021

Kavita Patel Parents and Early Life

Like her married life, Dr. Kavita has kept her background, including her parents’ details, in the dark. Whatsmore, the veteran medical specialist is only available on Twitter and mostly posts matters regarding her professional life. This makes it more challenging to know Dr. Kavita’s childhood life in detail.

The only thing that the sources can confirm is that Dr. Kavita is of Indian origin, and her parents are most likely Indians.

Social Media Activities

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Kavita is only active on Twitter and is non-existent on other platforms. Currently, the doctor has garnered 27.7k followers and posts daily about the recent news, mostly about health and medicine. Dr. Kavita occasionally posts about political topics.


Dr. Kavita stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 6 inches. Speaking of Patel’s body weight, it is not available, but it can be seen that she has a moderate weight of 53 kgs.

Net Worth

After her massive journey in the medical and political field, the doctor of medicine has earned a large fortune and lives comfortably. Dr. Kavita’s dedication and determination to her professional life are rewarded with an estimated net worth of $3.4 million as of 2021.

Furthermore, Dr. Kavita’s salary report showed that she made total compensation of $1,050,526 as the Director at Tesaro Inc in 2017.

Physician and an internal medicine specialist, Kavita Patel