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Kelly Reilly Husband Kyle Baugher Net Worth, Age, Job

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Being romantically committed to a celebrity is also committed to the world of showbiz. Everyone has an eye on a couple, even if one of them is non-showbiz. Kyle Baugher peacefully lived in a world where no paparazzi were invading his privacy.

When he entered a life of marriage, his reputation increased as he became known for being a husband of an English actress, Kelly Reilly.

Read the rest of the article to learn more about Kelly Reilly’s husband, Kyle Baugher, and his net worth, age, and job.

Kyle Baugher has been the Husband of Kelly Reilly Since 2012

After a year of engagement with her ex-fiance, Jonah Lotan, Kelly Reilly met her husband, Kyle Baugher, somewhere in Marfa, Texas, and started dating in 2010. After a few years, in 2012, the couple announced their engagement and tied knots in the same year. They held their wedding ceremony and exchanged vows in Somerset, England.

Kelly Reilly’s husband, Kyle, seems a private person and isn’t the type of guy who loves to shine alongside her wife. Kelly not often shares a picture of him, nor with him on her social media platforms.

Most probably, her husband, Kyle, wants to live behind her shadows to protect the peace of their marriage. The married couple prefers showbiz not to invade their personal life and relationship, but it is inevitable for them to about those kinds of questions.

In 2015, Kelly Reilly decided to take a break from the stage after her last play in London because she couldn’t balance her personal life as she was busy in her acting career. When she was back in the entertainment industry, the Yellowstone’s actress hoped to balance her married life and career this time.

Kelly Reilly looking happy with her husband, Kyle Baugher
Kyle Baugher, along with his partner Kelly Reilly

The actress was originally from England. Kelly moved to Los Angeles to go further in her acting career. She stayed there as she became a professional actress, but she decided to reside in New York when she married Kyle Baugher.

She claimed that she fell in love with New York’s vibes, so she prefers to stay there than L.A. The married couple, Kelly Reilly and her partner, Kyle, live happily and peacefully in New York.

Kyle Baugher Job

Kelly Reilly’s husband, Kyle Baugher, is currently working as a New York-based financier. In 1998, Kyle completed his four-year course and earned his degree in History at Princeton, University, but he entered an industry that is not somehow connected to his degree.

Net Worth

Even though his career path leads him away from his degree, Kelly’s partner is properly doing his job with passion. As a financier, Kyle Baugher’s net worth is approximately $800,000.

Kyle Baugher Age

Kyle never entertained at least one paparazzi since he married Kelly Reilly. Even the actress doesn’t disclose information about her husband information.

Based on his years in college, Kyle was born around the 1980s. It appears that he is several years younger than his wife, Kelly Reilly. As of 2022, Kyle Baugher enters his 40s.


Kelly Reilly never mentioned having children before, even now that she is married to her husband, Kyle Baugher. However, the married couple has a dog that Kelly usually described as a ‘hairy baby.’ It seems like Kelly and her spouse, Kyle, treat their dog like their own child.

Kelly Reilly with her dog Hairy Baby
kelly Reilly playing with her dog Hairy Baby

As of 2022, Kelly and Kyle Baugher didn’t discuss their plans about having children in the future yet. The married couple is currently focusing on each other’s careers. They couldn’t say yet if they were ready to extend their family or not.

Kelly Reilly Husband Kyle Baugher Net Worth, Age, Job