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Kent Rollins Wife Shannon Keller Rollins, Age Difference, Wikipedia

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Shannon Keller Rollins is a professional chuckwagon cater, photographer, and cookbook writer. However, her professional career is not the reason she is famous; rather, she happens to be a celebrity-wife of popular cowboy cook Kent Rollins.

Thanks to the public’s adoration for the couple and their talents, they have shared a spot in the limelight for a long. Although the duo’s professional career is widely known, not much light has been shed on their personal lives; there are many questions regarding their relationship. Don’t worry because we will uncover every answer here.

This article will let explore the details about Kent Rollins’s wife, Shannon Keller Rollins, and her personal life story. Moreover, you will learn about the couple’s age difference, net worth, and Wikipedia details.

Shannon Keller is the Wife of Kent Rollins

Before getting onto each other, Kent and his wife Shannon had known each other for a long. To elaborate, they got introduced while Kent and Shannon were attending the same Cowboy Poetry Event in Nevada. In the program, Kent had noticed his future partner, Shannon, as she was one of the organizing members.

He was impressed by Shannon’s interest in his lectures, and afterward, she assisted Kent with marketing and online works. Few more gestures, and the couple fell in each other’s charms.

Nevertheless, they started dating when Shannon joined Kent’s cooking school. The school named Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon Cooking School became the platform for the couple to foster their love life. Getting to know each other perfectly, the couple took a leap into marriage in August 2011. Ever after, Kent and his spouse, Shannon, have been happily married for more than ten years, and the bond between them has never stopped growing stronger.

About the kids, the couple hasn’t planned or adopted any child till now. Further, as per the rumors, they are still not in haste for that. However, Kent has a son from his former marriage through whom Kent is now a grandfather of little boy Kaden. From a young age, Kaden seems to show interest in cooking, and he is often noticed cooking various dishes with Kent in his YouTube videos.

Kent Rollins with his grandson, Kaden in kitchen
Kent Rollins with his grandson, Kaden, in the kitchen

Kent and Shannon Rollins Age Difference

Everybody knows that Shannon is Kent’s second wife, and this makes a huge age difference between them. The facts reveal that Kent’s birthdate is September 8, 1957, whereas Shannon was born in 1982. As of early 2022, Kent is 64, and Shannon is of 39 years, which illustrates a considerable age gap of around 25 years between the couple. They come from totally different generations and thus have varied choices over things.

Despite their age gap, the duo never seems to part from each other in any aspect. In many interviews, Kent has acknowledged that Shannon introduced a modern lifestyle for them. The couple happily accepts the divergence between their perception and agrees with one another’s thoughts.

For instance, Kent teaches Shannon about numerous cowboy dishes, whereas Shannon introduces foods local to her birthplace. Because of Shannon’s idea to go online, Kent got popularity over the internet. In brief, the couple has found a way to merge their lives into one despite their variation.

Kent Rollins looking happy with his wife, Shannon Keller
Kent Rollins and Shannon Keller has a huge age gap of around 25 years

Shannon Keller Rollins Bio

Kent’s wife Shannon was born Shannon Keller in 1982. For the records, Shannon’s birthplace is Portland, New Oregon, where she was grown up. She completed her graduation on Communication major from the University of Portland in the years 2001 to 2005. Apart from academics, she worked in multiple fields, finally winding up to Kent in the poetry workshop.

As Kent came into her life, Shannon pursued a diploma course in culinary arts from Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon Cooking School, which was owned by her husband. Since then, she has been perfect at preparing delicious southern or local foods.

For now, Shannon helps Kent in his work mostly. Through patience, she has crafted a talented chuckwagon carter out of herself. She assists Kent not only in preparing dishes but also in shooting videos and managing them online. Furthermore, she shares a more significant role in publishing Kent’s cookbooks.

Shannon Keller Rollins, wife of Kent Rollins
A professional chuckwagon cater, Shannon Keller Rollins

Kent Rollins Wikipedia

As of now, Shannon’s husband Kent is 64 years old, and for such age, he has made a decent career as a star chef for himself. Going back to his childhood, we can find him assisting his father to manage their herd. Nevertheless, he learned the cooking idea from his uncle, with whom Kent used to feed the hunters in Gila National Park situated in Nex Mexico.

Getting into the cooking business, Kent owned a chuckwagon in 1993 and started to serve the ranchers. Later afterward, he outgrew his business into a catering company. Fortunately, Kent was declared as Official Chuck Wagon of Oklahoma by the governor back in 1996. With the new fame, Kent became unstoppable, and he was famous nationwide.

After Shannon got into his life, the couple directed towards online content and thus became successful YouTube videos creator in no time. Apart from these social media, Kent has also appeared in multiple broadband TV shows like NBC’S Food Fighters and Food Network’s Throwdown! With Bobby Flay and many others.

For now, he is a celebrity cook making entertaining videos and delicious southern meals.

Popular cowboy cook, Kent Rollins
A popular cowboy cook, Kent Rollins

Net Worth

We are not pretty sure about the earning details of Shannon Keller Rollins as the numbers haven’t been disclosed. However, she has teamed up with her husband in his multiple investments.

Furthermore, her husband Kent is expected to have a total net worth of around $2 million by 2022. The couple earns most of the revenue through YouTube and their online stores. Apparently, Kent owns multiple stores with different products like his branded apparel and kitchenware.

Quick Wiki

Full Name Shannon Keller Rollins
Age 39 years
Date of Birth 1982
Relationship Married
Husband Kent Rollins
Date of Marriage August 2011
Child/ren None
Net Worth (Husband) $2 million
Education B.S. Communication
Kent Rollins Wife Shannon Keller Rollins Age, Difference, Wikipedia