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Kenya Duke: 7 Facts about Gary-Owen’s Wife.

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Kenya Duke is a successful African American businesswoman and television personality. A glance at her bio will tell you that she is the proprietor and founder of a Travel and Sports Company. Her business acumen is not what pulled her into the limelight, however.

Kenya is famous because of her relationship with Gary-Owens. For those who don’t know, Gary is a 46-year old television actor and stand-up comedian. Both Gary  and Kenya regularly feature on the series, ‘The Gary Owen Show.’ Here are 7 facts about Gary Owen’s wife.

Who is Kenya Duke?

Duke is a celebrity wife and the current CEO of the Premier Sports and Travel Company. The firm she set up offers a vast array of different services.

They plan and schedule travel for both televisions, music tours, and even film productions. Other than this, they also cater to pre-college sports teams from time to time.

Kenya’s stint on television has been equally impressive over the years. Gary Owen’s wife has appeared on reality shows like ‘the Steve Harvey Show.’ Besides this, Duke would even work on several specials, Power Play. This was a documentary based on DeRay Davis.

Age and D.O.B.

Kenya Duke was born back in 1974 in Oakland, California. She is set to turn 47-years old in 2021. Kenya is the daughter of one Barbara Jean. Her mother raised Kenya in a Christian home, instilling all the values of practicing the religion.

Gary Owen’s Wife Kenya Duke Net worth

As of 2021, Kenya Duke’s net worth stands at $8.5 million. This is a wealth that has been primarily nurtured from her various business endeavors. Lest we forget, Kenya also has multiple television appearances on reality television. When she is not on television, some sources say that Kenya also enjoys flipping houses.

By dipping her toes into real estate, Kenya can generate more income for herself. Her annual income reportedly lies between $600,000 and $1 million every year, depending on how well the business fairs.

Another interesting thing we should point out is that Kenya’s net worth overshadows even that of her husband. Presently, Gary’s net worth is $3 million. Combined, Gary and his wife are valued at about $11 million.

Kenya Duke is Gary Owen’s Wife Since 2003

Gary Owen and his wife, Kenya, first ran into each other during one of his performances. At the time, Gary was one of the comedians scheduled to perform at the Comedy Store, a hot spot in Los Angeles.

Kenya was undoubtedly attracted to Gary’s sense of humor. The two would meet again at another one of his shows. This time, they’d decide to go on a date.

After a prolonged relationship, Gary and Kenya would walk down the aisle on July 19th, 2003. It is fair to say that the wedding ceremony did not go as well as planned.

For one, a fight broke out, and the cake got ruined once it accidentally hit the ground.

If that was not enough to ruin the big day, the man officiating the ceremony decided to walk out of the ceremony. Gary and his wife stayed together for 13-years before they decided to give it another go.

Gary and his wife Kenya Duke renewed their vows on December 19th, 2016. In total, Kenya and Gary have been married for 18-years.

Image of American businesswoman and TV personality, Kenya Duke with her husband
A successful African American businesswoman and television personality, Kenya Duke with her husband, Gary Owen

Her Children

Long before she met Gary, Kenya had a son named Emilio Toliver. He was born within the duration of her first marriage.

After Kenya got together with Gary, he decided to adopt Emilio and become his legal guardian. In addition to Emilio, the couple went on to have two more children. These are Austin and Kennedy Owen.

What happened to Kenya Duke’s father?

Kenya often talks about her father in interviews. In one such interview, she revealed that the old man lost his life when she was just six years old.

Though there was no concrete information about his name and background, we did learn that Kenya’s father was a former member of the Black Panthers.

This was an organization that was formed to champion the rights of African Americans across the country. Kenya Duke also revealed that her father was the victim of a shooting that took place in a bar. His passing continues to haunt Kenya even presently.

A look at her social media profile

Kenya Owen is a woman who stays up to date with her social media activity. Presently, she has 53.5K followers on Instagram.

Kenya describes herself as a mother, businesswoman, and house flipper on the platform. Most of her posts are a testament to her love for her children and husband.

In 2020, Gary Owen’s wife released a post that featured her daughter during National Daughter’s Day.

Image of the successful businesswoman, Kenya Duke