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Kevin Mimms (Miles) from “State Farm” Wikipedia, Bio.

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Kevin Mimms is a young and upcoming media star known for being the new Jake from State Farm for the Super Bowl commercial. His real name is Kevin Miles. Mimms is a nickname he kept for himself when he was a DJ at his university. For him, this name has brought enormous success.

Mimms has come a long way to reaching the position that he is at right now. From sleeping in cars to working all day to make ends meet, the initial days were full of struggle for the 30-year-old. However, through sheer passion, determination, and hard work, Kevin got the fame and recognition he desired.

Kevin Mimms Wikipedia.

Kevin Mimms Miles from state farm was born in the south side area of Chicago, Illinois. As a child, he loved playing at Hyde Park. Since he remains silent about his personal life, there is not much information about his childhood. His parents were American, but their name is unknown. Although he reveals very little about his parents, he posts about his parents on Instagram.

However, reports claim that his parents are of mixed race. So, Kevin comes from a diverse ethnic background. Moreover, it was Kevin’s parents who supported and motivated him to follow his dreams. Kevin Mimms Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.


Because Kevin was interested in acting from a young age, he decided to pursue an education that would propel his career. Hence, Kevin attended Chicago Academy for arts to study theatre. Later, he moved on to L.A. to continue his education. Even though Kevin left Chicago after high school, Chicago hasn’t left him. He still misses Chicago’s culture, vibes, and food, which is why he lovingly calls himself “South Side Kev”.

Nonetheless, for his undergraduate degree, he picked Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting at Webster University. After his graduation, he moved to L.A. to enhance his career.

Initial Days.

One of his early roles was that of Lord Capulet’s character from the play Romeo and Juliet. It became very successful, and this, in return, encouraged Kevin to follow his passion in acting.

While he was in college, he tried his hand at a few other things. One of them was to be a DJ. Surprisingly, Kevin Miles was good as a DJ. He also got a chance to open for musicians such as Rockwell Knuckles and Tef Poe. After college, he has not pursued his DJ. talents. Currently, he is more focused on acting and getting interesting movie roles.

The other field where he tried his hand is Entrepreneurship. In 2011, Kevin launched a company called “Animal House Underground”.

Kevin Mimms Miles from State Farm Movies.

Kevin tried his fair share of hands in movies. No matter how big or small the role, Kevin kept taking every opportunity he got. Kevin had a small role in the film, Innocents. But later, he got major roles in Lap Dance and S.W.A.T.


Kevin Mimms from State Farm has done multiple advertisements for Taco Bell, Panera Bread, T-mobile, Hyundai, and Mcdonalds. He believes that his appearances on these ads will help him get into movies someday. Also, he is getting a larger fanbase every day.

Most importantly, fans know him Kevin Mimms from State Farm thanks to his appearances on Super Bowl’s famous commercial ads. Moreover, he gets to be in advertisements with celebrities like Aaron Rogers, Patrick Mahomes, and Drake, whom he considered his greatest role model. People even call him Jake rather than Kevin Miles. Regardless, his role in commercials propelled his career to new heights.

Image of a young and upcoming media star, Kevin Miles
A young and upcoming media star from “State Farm” also starring at Super Bowl Commercials

Struggle and Breakthrough

Even though fans may see Kevin as a polarizing figure, little do they know what struggles he had to go through. When he was new to L.A., his mother helped him buy a used-up Mustang car.

Because he had no room to stay, Kevin had to sleep in the car for almost a week. Financially, Kevin struggled a lot. Things were not so easy even after he got an apartment.

However, after continuously appearing on the people’s television, he finally got the role of Jake from the State Farm. As millions of Americans are fans of the Super Bowl, they also got to see Kevin very often during the commercial breaks.

Getting this new role was equally difficult for the 30-year-old. Mimms had to compete with 100 auditioners to obtain this role. However, once he got this job, Kevin became financially stable. Now, he has his agent as well.

Kevin Mimms Age

Kevin Mimms was born on July 5, 1990. Hence, as of 2021, he is 30 years old.

Kevin Mimms Girlfriend

Kevin Mimms from State Farm is a rising star. Likewise, he is friends with many women from the media industry. He is very good friends with the actress Joe King and Stella Chu. In the past, Kevin has dated a woman with whom his relationship ended. Her identity is still under wraps. However, Kevin is in a new relationship with a woman named Emily Gaither.

Image of a young and upcoming media star, Kevin Miles with his girlfriend
A young and upcoming media star, Kevin Miles and his girlfriend, Emily Gaither

According to reports, Kevin Miles and Emily have been dating for well over eight years. The couple even posted their side of love story on a YouTube channel called Jubilee.

Kevin Mimms From State Farm Met His Girlfriend at Work

He met his girlfriend while they were doing a play. Emily was a costume designer, and Kevin was an actor. Back then, both of them were dating other people. As it turned out, both of their exes cheated on one another. Thus, they got together.

Regardless, Emily came to Kevin to help him with his clothing and designing a tattoo. Since then, the two became friends and started hanging out. Also, it was Emily who proposed to Kevin on their first date.

Nonetheless, both are equally supportive of one another and care for each other. Kevin is emotionally in love with his long-time girlfriend. Kevin Mimms and Emily Gaither were recently attendees at the Premiere of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry at The Montalban on August 10, 2017.

Kevin is yet to announce his marriage date. Hopefully, it will be with Emily Gaither.

Image of young star, Kevin Miles