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Kevin Samuels Net Worth, Wife, Wikipedia, Bio.

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Kevin Samuels is a YouTube sensation who is also known as an image consultant. But most importantly, Samuels is an influencer and lifestyle coach who advises men and women regarding their social lives. Though not everyone is a fan of this man, Kevin has a large number of fan followings.

Kevin Samuels Wikipedia.

Kevin Samuels was born in America, but his birthplace is unknown. It seems that the image-conscious Kevin has revealed very little about his early childhood. Regardless, Samuels completed his high school in Millwood, USA. Later, he attended the University of Oklahoma and completed his graduation in Chemical Engineering.

Though he graduated with a science background, Kevin shifted his focus in helping people enhance their personalities. But before Kevin began his line of profession, he worked as a Business Development Manager at Home Depot from December 2005 to May 2009. His task was to consult with the clients and to talk about their potential business concerns. Working here boosted Kevin’s confidence in communicating and persuading his clients. Kevin Samuels Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Image Specialist.

Other than this, Kevin was always interested in fashion. As per Samuels, there aren’t many people who could give genuine advice on dressing well and carrying out stylish fashion. So, he thought there might be an opportunity for him. Because he has good taste in fashion and styling, Samuels thought of helping other people be the best version of themselves.

Hence, he began his career as an Image Specialist in his brand called byKevinSamuels. Samuel provides consultation to his clients about shopping, individual advice for fashion, and developing one’s professional and personal image.

Image of the famous YouTube sensation and image specialist, Kevin Samuels
Image Specialist in his brand called by “Kevin Samuels”


Now, Kevin has a YouTube channel with more than 800k subscribers. Running an online business has helped Kevin get more clients. So far, he has been able to influence thousands of people.

One of his most famous videos is “You’re Average at Best”, which helped garner millions of viewers. Though some may regard his way of influencing others a bit controversial, others find it educational.

Most of the time, Kevin releases videos ranking women and giving them numbers based on their looks. Such videos also brought a lot of controversies, but Samuel’s passionate fans like that about him. They say that he is revealing the bitter truth.

Apart from YouTube videos, Samuels also conducts live sessions with the audiences. Moreover, Kevin also gives out tips on living a healthy married life.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth.

Kevin Samuels has made millions of dollars through his virtual as well as face-to-face consulting. He has different sources of income for the work he does best.

YouTube is another aspect through which Kevin makes a big earning. He usually gets over 300k viewers on his videos and has 874k subscribers to this date. With such a huge number, Kevin’s earning is certainly a big one.

Not only that, but the clients he attracts from social media are enormous. Hence, he makes a living by charging his clients for each consultation session he does. All in all, Kevin has a total net worth of $3 million.

Kevin Samuels Wife.

Everybody assumes that this fashion expert’s marriage life is as smooth as anything. After all, he is the guy who preaches to others about love life. However, this influencer is struggling to cement his marriage.

According to reports, Kevin Samuels was married about a decade ago. But his marriage ended abruptly, and Kevin filed for a divorce from his then-wife. His ex-wife’s identity is unknown, and Samuels has not revealed any details about her. Nonetheless, he has a daughter from his marriage and shares her custody with his ex-wife.

As of now, Kevin is silent regarding his relationship status. But according to Kevin’s Instagram story, he is currently dating a 29-year-old model. However, the internet found out that the model is already married to someone else. This situation has created a bit of confusion among Kevin’s fans. There is no confirmation of this relationship yet.

Other than this, Kevin often posts pictures of him spending time with different girls.

Kevin Samuels Age.

Kevin Samuels is 49 years old as of 2021. Samuels was born on March 13, 1971.

Image of the famous YouTube sensation, Kevin Samuels