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Tom Selleck’s Son Kevin Selleck Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia Biography

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Kevin Selleck is one of the popular figures in the Hollywood industry. He rose to prominence after he was featured in the movies; Magnum P.I. and Scream 2. However, he is best known for being the child of a model and actress, Jacqueline Ray, and the stepson of a veteran Hollywood icon, Tom Selleck.

Discover relevant information regarding Tom Selleck’s son, Kevin Selleck. Also, know Kevin’s age and net worth from this Wikipedia-type biography.

Kevin Selleck’s Age and Wikipedia Info.

Kevin was born somewhere in 1966 in the United States of America. Although he holds an American nationality, his ethnicity remains a mystery to everyone. He was born to his parents Jacqueline Ray and her unnamed husband.

All that is known about Kevin’s actual father is his surname, Shepard. However, after Kevin’s parents separated, he was adopted by Tom Selleck as his legal child on 7th August 1987. Kevin was 21 years of age when his mother married Tom Selleck.

Kevin Selleck also has a step-sister named Hannah Selleck.

Talking about his education, Kevin attended the University of Southern Carolina. He liked playing volleyball just like his stepfather and also had an interest in drums and rock bands.

Kevin Selleck’s Career & Net Worth

Musical Career.

He didn’t attend college to further his education. Rather, he decided to drop out in order to pursue a career in music. As a result, he joined a rock band called “Tonic” that was formed in 1993.

He started out as a drummer alongside his band members, Emerson Hart, Jeff Russo, Dan Laurie, and Dan Rothschild. The group created multiple hit albums, such as If You Can Only See, which ranked in the top 10 on various music charts.

However, the band members decided to split after a huge fight among the band members. Ever since then, Kevin has tried joining different rock bands but has had a hard time finding success in music.

Movie Career.

After his struggle rising in the music industry, Kevin dedicated his career to acting. He was very close to his step-father, who is a recognizable icon in Hollywood, and therefore, through his contacts, Kevin was able to land a role in certain series and movies.

He first appeared in the TV series Magnum PI alongside his step-dad. After that, he was seen in the movie Scream 2 in 1977. He gained massive popularity and recognition from this movie, and he also got to work with some of the recognized stars like David Arquette and Lori Metcalf.

Net Worth and Income

Kevin Selleck is very tacit when it comes to talking about his personal life. He hasn’t shared plenty of his private life. As a result, the actual figures of his net worth and salary are still unknown to everyone. However, it can be estimated that during his success with his former band and by playing indecent series and movies, he has a net worth of almost $1million.

On the other hand, his stepfather was a successful actor and a movie producer who had a net worth of $45 million.

Kevin Selleck has not received any awards or nominations in his career so far.

Kevin’s Drug Addiction and Credit Card Issue.

After Kevin turned 22, he was dealing with drug addiction issues. He was sent to Betty Ford rehabilitation center as ordered by his stepfather to get him clean.

Kevin has always had a good relationship with his stepfather. Although Tom adopted Kevin, he treats him as his own son and guides him to walk the right path all the time.

During Kevin’s drug addiction, it was Tom who helped him get out of the mess. Likewise, there was also an issue where a credit card company filed a case against him for not paying the $6,000 bill. Tom Selleck stepped up to help his son recover from financial issues.

Kevin Selleck’s Wife, Married Life, and Children.

The 54-year-old is happily married to his girlfriend, Annabelle Selleck. The couple tied the knot on August 7, 1987. Moreover, the duo is reported to have six children.

However, the information about their children has been kept a secret. It seems that both Kevin and Annabelle want to keep their private life away from the media’s attention.

As far as his social media are concerned, he is not present on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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