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Kim Iversen Wikipedia, Bio, Net Worth, Nationality and Facts

Podcasting and presenting other news to the public may make a person famous, but it is not always easy. However, veteran reporters like Kim Iversen make it look easy. Kim is one of the millions to have proper skill and talent in hosting and commenting on given topics.

Over the years, Kim’s talent in journalism has garnished her a successful career with recognition from the various news industries. Kim’s activity and nature define a strong independent woman. Thus, it is no surprise that her work passion and bold character made people admire her. With her followers’ continuous support, Kim tries even more challenging to make her voice reach all over the U.S.

Who is Kim Iversen? Wikipedia-Bio

Kim Iversen is an American podcaster and journalist. People may know about her through radio broadcasts, with Kim commenting on headlines mainly concerning political events. Furthermore, Kim has been to different platforms, including her own as a talk show host, presenter, and journalist. Some of the famous venues include KDVS, WAZY, and her YouTube channel.


As Kim is a prominent figure as a journalist, she must have high standards of education. Kim attended the capital high school and after graduation, pursued an education at the University Of California, Davis. Kim completed her degree in Philosophy along with Ethics’ emphasis from UCD.


Kim Iversen has been relentless throughout her career journey and never settles for anything. Her first-ever trip as a journalist began after becoming a newscaster at the University Of California’s KDVS. Also, Kim did her internship in KDND upon graduation.

Following the completion of her services in KDND, Kim went to Sacramento’s KWOD and worked there as a promotion coordinator, where she did on-air podcasts on weekends of 106.5 KWOD Alternative.

Image of host Kim Iversen
American progressive talk radio host and journalist, Kim Iversen.

After her incredible performance in KWOD, Kim shifted to New York City for a new workplace. Staying in New York proved fruitful as she became a full-time news reporter at News 12 Networks in 2006.

A year later, Kim went to Champaign at Illinois state to change her career as a host. Moreover, Kim also created and hosted her show Kim Iversen Mornings at radio station WQQB. Unfortunately, the show didn’t work out for her and soon shut doors in 2008. But in April of 2008, Kim went to create another talk show, Your Time with Kim Iversen.


Kim once partook in a Women of Radio Co-Host competition, where she had an impressive performance but didn’t qualify for the finals. Likewise, Kim had also participated in weekly modeling competitions and partook in the Austin Fashion Week awards and Maxim’s 2013 Hometown Hotties tournaments. Furthermore, Kim got herself listed as one of the most beautiful women from Austin.


In 2019, Kim had the honor to be one of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism.

Kim Iversen Net Worth and YouTube

It is no doubt that Kim Iversen has seen the daylight as a successful media personality. Being a former radio podcaster, journalist, and show host has helped Kim increase her net worth.

However, Kim has found an additional way of increasing her worth through YouTube. Although she joined YouTube in 2011 at the end of August, Kim’s channel came to prominence in 2019. As of now, Kim dedicates most of her time to YouTube, with her latest live stream being on politics. Currently, Kim has a decent number of 288k subscribers and total views of over 19 million.

Hence, such a massive growth of her YouTube channel has improved Kim’s wealth by leaps and bounds. Nonetheless, sources expect Kim’s net worth to be around $500k from her income as a radio podcaster, journalist, and YouTuber.

What is Kim Iversen’s Nationality?

The veteran journalist is a native American born in Boise City of Idaho state in the U.S. Although Kim’s nationality as an American is a fact, her ethnic background is a mystery. However, we can assume that Kim belongs to an ethnically white American and Asian background.

Kim Iversen Age and Height. Her Family and Parents

Kim Iversen was born to an American family living in Boise, Idaho, and celebrates her birthday on the 28th of March. Similarly, her birth year is 1980, which makes Kim 41 years old as of 2021.

The active journalist has done a great job keeping her family background information a secret from the public. However, sources are not far behind in disclosing Iversen’s family background.

Kim belongs to a mixed religious background as her father is a Christian, whereas her mother is a Buddhist. Furthermore, Kim’s father’s name is Peter Iversen. However, Kim’s mother has not yet revealed her identity. Regardless, we know that Kim’s father is a farmer’s son, whereas her mother is a refugee from Vietnam.

The Iversen family never had a second child whatsoever, and thus Kim was raised as a single child. Also, reports claim that while Kim was three, her parents split up due to unknown reasons.

Body Measurement

Kim Iversen is stunningly attractive with a good curvy body figure and has a pair of brown color and silky straight texture. Furthermore, Kim Iversen has a decent height for a woman standing in 5 feet and 6 to 7 inches. While for her weight, Kim has a moderate weight of 55 kg. Similarly, Kim’s chest, waist, and hip measurements read 36, 28, and 40 inches, respectively.

Is Kim Iversen Married to a husband? Relationship Status

Kim Iversen may be popular with thousands of followers, she still maintains a low love life. As vocal as she may be regarding herself and her profession, Kim rarely talks about her mystery man. But her fans know for sure that Kim is seeing someone lately.

In an Instagram post by Kim, she revealed that she was indeed dating a man. Though Kim never told his identity, she said that she and her mystery man live together. Also, we found out that Kim’s date is a chef by profession and prepares cakes and meals from her social media. He also prepares birthday cake on the occasion of Kim’s birthday.


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As of now, Kim has kept every detail about their love life a secret. Hence, no one knows when Kim met her soon-to-be husband either. Regardless, it is only a matter of time before Kim reveals her marriage date.

Social Media Activities

As for her social media platforms, she has thousands of followers on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. However, Kim’s Twitter account is non-existent. As of 2021, she has 23k followers on Facebook, 18k Instagram followers, and 288k YouTube subscribers.

Kim Iversen's Instagram post
Kim Iversen’s Instagram post during last year’s New Year’s Eve.

On Facebook and YouTube platforms, Kim posts weekly about recent news and interviews with other personalities. Whereas in Instagram, Kim posts pictures of what she does away from the media.

Lately, Kim posted a picture of her eating the salad that her live-in chef made for her. Likewise, Kim shares her personal life with the fans on Instagram.

American progressive talk radio host and journalist, Kim Iversen