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Koe Wetzel Wife, Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki

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Koe Wetzel is a singer-songwriter in the USA and one of the most prominent unsigned musicians in Texas who has achieved tremendous success in a short span. He has been in the music industry since a long time ago, though he made a name for himself after releasing his 2015 album, Out On Parole. His concerts are always sold out, and most of his tracks on Spotify have reached millions of views. 

He is an ace in incorporating rock & roll and country music, producing unusually dandy songs and popular singles. In his songs, he conveys an entirely original and practical outlook.

Let’s dig into his personal life regarding his wife, net worth, age, and body measurements.

Koe Wetzel Wiki

Taking it easy between the energy of rock & roll and the flamboyance of country music, Koe Wetzel climbed like wildfire from namelessness to become among the best-loved artists in the Texas country field. 

At such a young age, Koe already had an interest in music due to the influence of his family. However, music was a secondary priority for him as he focused more on sports during his early years. During his teenage years, he was a football player and attended Tarleton State University to become a member of their football team.

However, as his zest for sport started to fade, his interest in music arose. And Koe chose to pursue his music career in 2012 and drop out of the university. 

Image of American singer-songwriter, Koe Wetzel
American singer-songwriter, Koe Wetzel

He formed a band, Koe Wetzel and Konvicts, and released an EP album, Love and Lies, the same year. But, it was his 2017 album, Noise Complaint, that called the attention of the Lone Star State and made him among its recognized country performers. 

While the band continued to perform in various events, Koe started composing in between shows, putting personal know-how and encouragement from others graphically with music. The roughness of his lyrics and melodies became well-liked between university students and teenyboppers, enabling him to have true-hearted fans.

Net Worth, Merch, & Income sources

Koe successfully built his reputation in every bit of bluegrass music’s whole existence, symbolizing his voice and guitar playing skill. As of 2021, his net worth is approximately more or less $3 million. This massive fortune is primarily due to his thriving career, especially in music sales and live performances. 

Since 2015, he has sold over 200k units independently and turned over roughly 100 million streams and views. At present, Koe Wetzel has released three record albums, and most of his singles have accumulated thousands of views on different streaming music channels, like Apple Music and Spotify. 

The Texas native also receives a fair sum from his official merchandise, ‘,’ where you can purchase an acoustic guitar with the singer’s signature, Whiskey Bent Hat, Rolling Tray, face mask, Shirts, and many more. Those items cost from $10 – $400. 

Koe Wetzel likewise opened his youtube channel under his name. This channel has over 130 thousand subscribers. Many of his videos had garnered thousands of views, though a few had millions. By combining his subscribers and the number of his views, he would gain extra income through this platform, which can add up to his total net worth.

Age and DOB

Koe Wetzel is in his late 20s and soon will enter the 30s age category. He is currently 29 years old, as he was born on the 14th of July 1992. Being born in the month of July, he has the zodiac sign Cancer. 

He holds American nationality and has white ethnicity.

Height and measurements

The country singer has a height of 5 foot 9 inches. Koe possesses a chubby figure with a weight of 209 lbs. His fierce character matches his brown eyes and long brown hair.

Where is Koe Wetzel from?

Ropyr Madison Koe Wetzel, more commonly known as Koe Wetzel, is from Texas, United States. His family resided in the East Texas town of Pittsburg before relocating to Stephenville. 

Koe Wetzel with his family
Koe Wetzel with his family

Koe’s family had a great involvement in him choosing a career as a musician. Julie Wetzel, his mother, was a former country performer, and Koe was with her every time she performed. Likewise, his father influenced him to listen to hip-hop music such as the tracks of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. At the same time, his grandpa recommended Creedence Clearwater Revival’s songs. 

At six, he performed with his mother during one of her shows. And at 12, he already knows how to play the guitar. 

Who is Koe Wetzel’s Wife?

Koe Wetzel is still unmarried; therefore, no details about his wife here will be disclosed. BUT, it appears that the singer-songwriter is currently in a relationship. 

Koe often stays unwilling to speak about his love life though it was a bit different in October 2020. 

He posted a photo in which a lady has her hand on the singer’s cheeks. And the photo was said to have been captured at a friend’s marriage ceremony. To raise speculations, Koe has his arm on the girl’s waist. And, with such body language, fanatics were abrupt to make hasty judgments that Koe was in a relationship with the lady in the photo. 

Koe Wetzel and his rumored girlfriend, Bailey Fisher
Koe Wetzel and his rumored girlfriend, Bailey Fisher

Upon catching a glimpse at the photo, fans have mixed reactions. Some were evidently bitter, while some congratulated the two. While the 29-year-old did not disclose the name of the unidentified lady, numerous fans conducted their research, and the girl is assumed to be Bailey Fisher. 

And, it appears like Koe does not have a plan to answer about his rumored wife to be girlfriend and make fans mull over his dating status. Let’s hope that he soon talks about his love life for his supporters and makes issues clearer. 

Facts about Koe Wetzel Wife and Girlfriends