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Kortney and Kenny relationship: Dating or strictly professional

Kortney and Kenny are the new co-stars of the HGTV hit series ‘Making it home.’ Recently, Kortney ended her 18-year marriage to her husband, Dave Wilson. Following that, the show eventually replaced Dave with another TV personality, Kenny Brain.

Even though he doesn’t have any home remodeling experience, Kenny adds a unique charm to the show with his carpentry skills. He and Kortney have undeniable chemistry, which only adds to the entertainment factor. Today, we discuss whether Kortney Wilson and Kenny Brain are dating or if they share a strictly professional relationship.

Kortney and Kenny: Dating or strictly professional?

After the Wilsons divorced, many fans were heartbroken to see their favorite TV stars part ways. Their relationship was a key factor in the success of the show. However, the producers recently welcomed a new co-host, Kenny Brain, who will host feature alongside Kortney.

Kenny is a Canadian model who previously featured in the 2nd season of Big Brother Canada. Fans of the show have mentioned that Kenny and Kortney look stunning together.

Furthermore, the internet is filled with sources wondering whether Kortney and Kenny are in a relationship. They are pretty close on Television, and the former also occasionally features her co-star in her Instagram handle. So, are they dating? Or is their relationship strictly professional?

As much as we’d like to see some on-screen romance, it turns out, Kortney is already in a relationship with another guy named Ryan. After two years of her divorce from Dave Wilson, Kortney finally allowed herself to fall in love again. Recently, she has been sharing many pictures of her new boyfriend in her Instagram handle.

Judging from their photos and Kortney’s excitement, the couple shares immense love and affection for each other. However, Kortney has repeatedly denied all questions from her fans on topics of engagement and marriage.

The relationship that they share is strictly professional. Even though they seem close on Television, they are just friends who love to build dream houses together.

Kortney and kenny relationship
Kortney and Kenny, the new cast duo of the HGTV hit series ‘Making it home.’
Kortney and Kenny, the new cast duo of the HGTV hit series ‘Making it home’