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Are Kortney and Dave Wilson still married in 2021?

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Kortney Wilson is a Canadian singer and actress. Since 2015, she featured in the HGTV show ‘Masters of Flip’, where she renovated and flipped houses with her husband, Dave Wilson. The couple has been in the spotlight following the divorce announcement. They were together for almost two decades.

This article discusses Kortney Wilson, her husband Dave Wilson, their married life, and divorce.

Are Kortney and Dave Wilson still married?

The couple met in early 2000 in Nashville. Dave was a tourist in the city when he met Kortney, an emerging country music artist. Following their meeting, the duo started dating and became pretty close.

They shared common career goals in music and have released a few songs together. However, ‘Lyrics Street Records‘ canceled their deal in 2003, eventually leading them to change careers. Today, they are successful TV personalities and house-flippers.

Image of Kortney Wilson and her ex-husband Dave Wilson.
Kortney Wilson with her ex-husband Dave Wilson

After about a year of relationship, Kortney and Dave Wilson decided to exchange wedding vows. The musician duo is biological parents to two sons, Jett and Sully.

Furthermore, they adopted a daughter named Esmee, who is 12 years old as of 2021. Kortney and Dave spent almost two decades with each other and featured in the HGTV show ‘Masters of Flip.’ Clearly, their relationship was beautiful and one of a kind.

However, Kortney and Dave Wilson announced their divorce on Dec 20, 2019, after 18 years of marriage. Kortney shared a post on her Instagram handle about the separation details.

She mentioned that they separated on good terms and will always remain a family. “As most of you know, there is so much more to every story and ours is no different. We ask for kindness and understanding during this very difficult and private time,” the couple wrote on Instagram.

Apparently, Kortney has moved on with her life and is now in a new relationship. She shares photos with her children, family, and especially her new show ‘Making it Home‘ on HGTV.

Recently, she shared a picture with her probable boyfriend on Instagram. However, she denied when asked by a fan if they were engaged.

Photo of Kortney Wilson and her boyfriend, Ryan.
Kortney Wilson with her boyfriend, Ryan.

Furthermore, Kortney still shares pictures of her ex-husband on her wall. The family organizes get-togethers for birthdays and special events. It’s been almost two years since Dave and Kortney Wilson announced their divorce in Dec 2019.

Kortney and Dave Wilson are not Back in 2021

Here’s the proof. Although we do not know specifically about Dave Wilson’s relationship and spouse after the divorce, we do know that HGTV star Kortney is dating a new boyfriend named Ryan.

She was pretty open about her new boyfriend and relationship and did not shy away from sharing a couple of pictures on social media. she posted a picture with Ryan on Instagram and introduced her new boyfriend to the fans.

Apart from the rumors about Kortney and Dave Wilson together in 2021, there was also an ongoing rumor about Kortney dating her fellow colleague Kenny Brain. But, as we stated above, since she is happy with Ryan, it’s just a false claim.

Photo of Photo of TV personality Kortney Wilson and her ex-husband Dave Wilson.