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Lana Zak Age Wikipedia Biography.

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Lana Zak is a successful news reporter who has achieved numerous accolades in her life. Currently, she is a reporter and a journalist who works for CBSN. Similarly, Lana works as an evening anchor and principal weekend anchor as well.

Not only that, but this Emmy and Peabody award-winning reporter is a member of the White House. Hence, she is a reliable source who covers the internal news. But people came to know about her only when she became the news anchor of Good Morning America. Lana Zak has 15 years of experience in journalism.


Lana Zak was born on December 29, 1979. Currently, she is 41 years old.

Lana Zak Wikipedia.

This anchor comes from Korea and belongs to the mixed ethnicity of Korean-Caucasian. Later, her parents moved to the US and settled in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Lana Zak was one of the bright students in her class. Her outstanding grades have helped her study in some of the finest institutes in America. Soon after completing her high school from Bettendorf, she attended the University of Iowa. Lana Zak earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Journalism, concentrating in Mass Communications.

Later, Lana became the recipient of the Fulbright and Truman Fellowship. Thus, allowing her to pursue a Master’s degree from Harvard University. There, Lana chose to do a Master’s in Public Policy, International Security, and Political Economy.

Her credentials have helped to shape her perspective towards the news story that she covers. Lana Zak’s Wikipedia page does not exist.


Before joining the media industry, Lana Zak worked intensely at Columbia University as a communications officer. In subsequent years, she worked as an Associate Director of Policy at the City of Providence.

ABC News.

However, she joined ABC in 2014 and worked under different firms such as reporter, producer, and correspondent. And since then, Lana has worked in the news industry for 14 years. With every passing year, Lana rose to the ranks and got numerous ABC News Special Units positions.

During her time in ABC, Lana was an important part of stories such as the Sandy Hook Shooting and the Jacqueline Kenndy Interview. Moreover, she is the first female to climb the barrels of the iconic George Washington Bridge.

Political Matters.

Apart from being a producer, Lana has also worked as a White House Press Corps member. Her area of coverage was Capitol Hill, the Presidential administration, and the Supreme court. Lana was also responsible for covering the 2016 presidential election.


After she served for ABC, Lana joined CBSN in 2020. Along with major anchoring duties, Lana has had the chance to take many high-profile interviews during the 2020 presidential election. Some names include Senator Lindsey Graham and Andrew Yang.

For her impressive work and years of diligence, Lana Zak has won multiple Emmy, Peabody, and DuPont awards.

Husband and Kids.

Image of successful news reporter, Lana Zak with her husband and daughter
A successful and renowned news reporter, Lana Zak with her husband, Seth Andrew, and twin daughters

Lana Zak is married to her husband, Seth Andrew. He is an American entrepreneur and social activist. He helped to found Democracy Prep Public Schools and Democracy Builders, the Arena Summit, and Degrees of Freedom.

Along with that, Seth is also one of the controversial figures in America. He suffers from constant accusations of being a racist and was once arrested for embezzling over $200,000 from Democracy Prep.

Nonetheless, Lana is in good terms with her husband. She tied the knot with Seth on August 21, 2004. So far, Lana and Seth share three children. Their first children were twin daughters named Zannah and Lennox. They were born in 2014.

Similarly, reports also suggest that Lana and her husband have a third child. This time it is a boy who was born in May 2018. The couple nicknamed him Omega.

Image of successful news reporter, Lana Zak