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Laura Clery Wikipedia: Net Worth, Husband, and Kids.

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Among many recognized YouTubers, one of them is Laura Clery. She is a former actress and writer who became a YouTube sensation known for posting videos of her daily activities.

Though looking at one’s daily chores is not an entertaining sight to see, Laura finds a way to make it fun for her fans. Likewise, most of her videos are often the ones that become instant viral. No wonder she has over 800k subscribers on her channel.

Laura Clery Age.

The Irish-born comedian is 34 years old. Laura likes to keep her public and personal life separate. Hence, there is no exact information about her date of birth.

Laura Clery Wikipedia.

Laura was born in Illinois, Chicago, and raised by her parents. Being a YouTube celebrity, whenever she makes videos, she tries to include her parents as well.

However, her parents’ real identities are still a mystery. But reports claim that her mom and dad met at a party when they were in their early teens. Since then, their love story began, and are now together for almost 54 years.

Apart from this, Laura also has an older sister who was supportive of her. So much so that when Laura moved to LA to pursue acting at 17 years of age, her elder sister accompanied her and took care of Laura.

After completing high school, Laura moved to Los Angeles to become a full-time actress. She came to Los Angeles aspiring to become an actor and writer like most people.

From an early age, Laura wanted to be a comedian. That is because she was very good at making her friends laugh. There is no official Laura Clery Wikipedia page as of now.


Laura’s big break came when she landed the role of Allison Stark in the TV series Till Death. Later on, she created different characters and even formed her show for MTC. It was called Disaster Date. This was the first time Laura started a personality of her own.

After finding some success, her next big break was in 2013 when she wrote, produced, and starred in Hungry. The series is a story about two aging models who form an unlikely friendship and then navigate the difficult life in LA.


However, after 2013, she has mainly focused on creating new characters for her own YouTube, TikTok, and Vine channels, allowing her more creative freedom.

Apart from that, it also makes the experimentation process much easier. Her content has found a sizable audience. As a result, her social media following has increased over the years. In turn, it leads to an increase in her brand value.

Lastly, she is also the main character of the sketch-comedy Help Helen Smash, which garners millions of views on YouTube. Since her content is very relatable to people, it often goes viral.

One of her videos, ‘ Me Trying to Flirt,’ has amassed more than 3 million views. Her Youtube channel has about 812k subscribers. She has more than 161 Million views on her channel. Apart from that, she also produces reels on Instagram and TikTok videos.


Apart from acting, Laura also has written a book titled “Idiot” that chronicles her dangerous life. In the book, she recounts her encounter with cocaine and how it ruined her life. Additionally, she talks about meeting her husband.

Laura Clery is Married to her husband, Stephen Hilton.

Laura’s husband and her children are the stars of her videos. They both appear on her channels now and then.

Her husband, Stephen Hilton, is a composer, record producer, and influencer. So far, he has composed songs for various artists and movies.

He also frequently makes appearances in Laura’s videos. Laura and Stephen are very supportive of each other.

Together they try to raise awareness about addiction. Stephen has also shared his story of addiction through his social media. They have been married for almost a decade now. There have not been any rumors about cracks in their marriage.

Talking about Laura Clery’s husband, both Laura and Stephen have faced problems of addiction in their past. So, we can say that they have a common bond.

But Laura had just overcome her cocaine addiction when she met Stephen. Due to their shared past, Stephen could also understand what Laura was going through.

Nonetheless, they dated for many years before they took wedding vows in 2012. The couple has not revealed where they met and how long they dated before taking the wedding vows.

As of now, the couple lives together in California.

Image of renowned Youtuber, Laura Clery and her husband

A renowned YouTuber, Laura Clery, with her husband, Stephen Hilton


They have a baby boy and a girl. The little one’s name is Alife Sound Hilton. Laura officially announced on Facebook on November 15, 2018, that she was expecting a baby.

This surprised Laura Clery’s fans because she usually did not reveal her personal information online. On April 20, 2019, the couple gave birth to their first child. They have shared photos of the boy on social media.

Along with a baby boy, they have a girl as well. Her daughter was born on March 30, 2021. As for the children, the whole story of their birth is available on their mother’s YouTube channel.

Image of famous YouTuber, Laura Clery with her family

Famous YouTuber as well as a former actress, Laura Clery with her husband, Stephen Hilton, and kid, Alfred

Laura Clery Net Worth.

She is a retired actress and a social media personality who earns through YouTube and brand deal endorsements.

Having acted in different TV series and short films in the past, Laura made some money. However, ever since becoming a YouTuber, her fortune has increased significantly.

Although Laura’s exact net worth is still a mystery, reports estimated approximately $3 million. Ability to gross millions of viewers on her content on social media, Laura’s wealth will only increase some more in the future.

Merch and Business.

Besides being a YouTuber and a social media personality, she also sells merchandise through her website. After all, she makes good usage of millions of her fans. Channeling those traffic into buying her merchandise has boosted Laura’s wealth in recent years.

Through her website, she sells hoodies, apparel, and accessories. The merchandise costs are as low as $10.00 and as high as $55.00.

There are different varieties of merchandise on the website, and it seems that the merchandise gets frequently sold out. She also has 3 million followers on Instagram, and sometimes, she does brand deals or advertises a product on her page. Mostly, she promotes her products and third-party items.

Height and Measurements.

Laura is an American with a decent height. She stands tall at 5 feet and 7 inches. Also, Laura weighs about 50 kilos, and her eyes are brown.

Image of famous YouTuber, Laura Clery