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Leanne Ford Wikipedia: Husband Erik, Age, Net Worth.

Leanne Ford is an American interior designer and TV personality. She stars with her contractor brother, Steve Ford, in the home improvement TV shows on HGTV network like “Restored by the Fords” and “Home Again with the Fords.” Read this to know Leanne Ford’s net worth & age. Also, meet her husband Erik Allen Ford.

Leanne Ford Wikipedia-Bio

Leanne Ford was a stylist and creative director for 15 years when something awakened her passion for interior design. That something was a historical 1900s schoolhouse in her hometown.

Untouched since the sixties, Leanne fell in love with the house immediately and envisioned a better life for the decrepit home. She purchased the home and, with the help of her older brother, Steve, a licensed contractor, set about renovating it.

Her work helped her feature in Country Living magazine and kickstarted her career on a high note. Consequently, she began receiving calls from neighbors and Pittsburgh locals to design their homes. As she developed her portfolio, Ford soon found national recognition and was sought after by contractors from New York and Los Angeles.

Leanne Ford was on the fast track to starring in the HGTV home renovation show Fixer Upper but turned down the offer on account of her first husband. Some years later, HGTV again proposed a home renovation show starring Leanne and her brother Steve.

Thus, “Restored by the Fords” was born. The home improvement show premiered in December 2016 and ran for a season across two years. “Restored by the Fords” was later rebranded to “Home Again with the Fords,” which premiered in February 2021.

Both shows followed a similar premise: sister and brother, Leanne and Steve Ford, set about renovating decrepit homes in Pittsburgh.

Besides that, Leanne has also appeared on other HGTV shows like “Brother vs. Brother,” “Building Brady,” “A Very Brady Renovation,” and “Rock the Block.” There is no Leanne Ford’s Wikipedia page.

Wedding and Married life with her husband, Erik Allen Ford. Their Baby

Ford has been married for an undisclosed amount of time to her husband, Erik Allen Ford. According to her 2019 memoir “Work in Progress,” Leanne met her future husband in 2015. They dated for two years before getting married in November 2017. Their daughter, Ever Allen Ford, was born in March 2019.

Leanne Ford’s husband Erik Allen Ford is a fashion designer and the CEO of Buck Mason, a Los Angeles fashion and apparel brand. Before that, Erik was the vice president of sales at EVER worldwide fashion and apparel company from 2011 to 2013.

Erik got his start in fashion design as an area manager for the Nebraska apparel company, The Buckle, from 1999 to 2008. He holds a business management degree from Central Methodist University, Fayette, Missouri.

This is Leanne’s second marriage with her Current Husband Erik Allen Ford.

Leanne Ford was previously married once before. She wed her first husband, Brad Shaffer, on July 3, 2010. They collectively founded and operated Acre Goods & Services, an interior decor agency. Things looked to be good for the two. However, in a twist of fate, everything ended in divorce shortly after.

Leanne Ford with her husband, Erik Allen Ford
An American interior designer and TV personality, Leanne Ford, with her husband, Erik Allen Ford

How Old is Leanne Ford? Birthday and Height

Leanne Ford was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on June 29, 1981. At the time of this writing, Leanne is 40 years old. According to unofficial records, Leanne reportedly stands at around 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters).

Leanne Ford Net Worth.

According to some sources, Leanne Ford’s net worth is $2 million as of August 2021. Her wealth comes entirely from her career as an interior designer and reality TV star.

Leanne came from humble beginnings in her hometown of Pittsburgh and gained worldwide popularity through reality shows like “Restored by the Fords” and “A Very Brady Renovation.”


For an interior designer of her caliber, Leanne Ford understandably saved her best designs for her place of residence. She formerly owned at least two homes, one in Los Angeles and one in Pittsburgh.

She listed her LA home for sale in April 2020 for $4.3 million. While she initially had no intentions of selling her home, especially after the birth of her daughter, the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to reconsider.

In light of the pandemic, she decided that she wanted to be close to her family in Pittsburgh and put her “dream house” up for sale. The two-story 1920s rustic home spans 3,163 square feet and has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The outside features a lagoon-style pool and a courtyard with dining arrangements.

Previously, Leanne Ford owned a home in Pittsburgh, which she put up for sale in late-2019 for $1.3 million. Contrary to her rustic LA home, the Pittsburgh home exudes a modern feel. Standing atop 5.15 acres of prime real estate, the house itself is 2,042 square feet. Leanne was heavily involved in the renovation of the house, which features her signature minimalistic style.

Before that, Leanne and her husband resided in a cabin in Los Angeles that she herself renovated. The two-bedroom-one-bath house is incongruous with the rest of urban Los Angeles and has several amenities, including a stone hearth, a fireplace, and a stone terrace. Leanne listed the house in late-2018 for an asking price of $995,000.

Interior designs of house of Lenne Ford
Interior designs of house of Lenne Ford

Meet Leanne Ford’s Parents, Brother, and Family

According to Leanne Ford’s Wikipedia, Leanne is the youngest of three children born to Jackie and Mike Ford. Besides Leanne, perhaps the most famous of all the members of her family is her older brother, Steve Ford.

He is a licensed contractor and her co-star on “Restored by the Fords,” “Building Brady,” and “A Very Brady Renovation.” Steve worked in construction for years before his sister came to him with her first renovation gig.

They have since collaborated on several projects. Leanne, naturally, handles the design, and Steve brings her idea to life. Leanne also has an older sister named Michelle Ford.

Image of an American interior designer and TV personality, Leanneford